We lost our territory due to game-breaking bug/glitch

So, we had ourselves a MAJOR issue on the Glubbdubdrib server where we had our first war and the server COMPLETELY screwed us. The entire enemy team got most of their players in, and yet the defending side had only half the people able to get on to actually defend our fort. We had the severe advantage only for the server to utterly screw us in defending our territory.

We need some serious customer support on this to fix this problem and reset the territory back to what it was so we can have a fair battle, or I am not playing this game ever again, because no way in hell are we going to deal with this nonsense.

TheGlubbers were set to defend Everfall against Ordo Inquisitoris and we had everything planned out two days prior until half of our people couldn’t even get into the invasion to defend it and it threw all of our planning out the window. Goes without saying that we lost the fort in 10 minutes due to this game-breaking issue.

I have inserted images below to give an idea of just how many of our people were missing from the defense.


Thankyou very much for your feedback!We feel sorry for you to get a bad experience.Please give us few minutes so we can throw your topic in the trash bin cause we are busy working on anti AFK system.

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