We need a Carriage, if mounts enter aeternum

I would like to Drive with my Friends to the Sunset


Not only that, you can lvl it and upgrade it to a mobile auction house or something, you can also set up a taxi company in each city


has any MMO pulled this off well?

I dont Know any mmo who implement this

why is everyone comparing games with each other ?
why do you need a baseline for stuff ?
Devs are the coders and they can code whatever they want they dont need an example for stuff…

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I think you cant full new World Compare with any mmo out there

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thats why im playing this game
all other games has similiar stuff to each other. so coding them means just to copy already working code and paste it in your game…

New World is an awesome game
it has some problems but, its because game is exploring uncharted areas for coding.
in time everything will be awesome…

I see two problems with this, first is the pvp aspect for this Carriage and secondly how would you spawn it?

  1. For the pvp side you would need to make it pve only bcs if someone attacks you inside the Carriage while flagged how will you get out of it?
    Just getting out and disappearing the Carriage makes no sense.

  2. How to spawn it? Similar to camps maybe but still no sense…
    Having them around the map parked will make New World similar to GTA.

Or maybe having a Carriage small outpost close to cities where you go and start your ride from city to city and only on roads…

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As normal Mount Spawn, how ever this will be Look like

And PvP, sure u can be killed in the Carriage maybe u Need kill First the Carriage to kill the driver but you can be Killed, Safe

I mean visually if you hit the carriage you drain some HP maybe? But the driver or passengers what about them? Hitting the carriage and the players at the same time makes no sense.

I know you can code everything but it has to make some sense for it to actually look good.

Yes i can follow you, maybe its a Good idea to have some carriages per town But i think Never would use it

Yeah not having the ability to move around the map freely with it makes it not fun at all.

But the pvp problem I mentioned would apply in the same way with mobs aggro around the map.

Unless a carriage is immune to aggro.