We need a DEV roadmap

Server queues are fixed and 2 bug fixes patchs have been released since the launch. We know Devs are working in priority on the server character transfer. But after that, what is waiting for us.

We all know the good and the bad of some game mechanics. Some issues are more important to others. Many people gave very strong and constructive argument on some of these issues. (Territory hoarding, UX features, economy crashing on some server, character creation stalling, Bots and many others.)

I wish we can have better communications from the DEV team about all of this. Are the DEV reading and listening DEV ? Is it possible to have a Roadmap for some features ? Let say medium to long term?

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Communication in general. Idk where this company bs comes from to just professionally answer and make very few Replys. Tell us a Roadmap, tell as why exactly it takes 5 hours maintance, give some transparency what are you doing and why are you doing it. It’s 2021 people can handle it and being perceived as a transparent, caring company is money in the long run. Though all these corporate analyst at EA, Blizz and elsewhere doesn’t seem to understand this Concept. It’s not numbers so it’s not worth anything, right?

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