We need a different version of war

From what I hear, wars are super selective, so it sounds like I won’t even be able to try one out once I hit level 60. It would be nice to have another version of war where there’s some sort of matchmaking that auto-creates somewhat-balanced teams. This version of war will probably have less stakes and rewards, but will allow for filthy casuals (like myself) to try out this game mode.

Yes, I like wars and very few get to participate in them. I haven’t really tried since launch honestly but I have played in them. They are pretty fun. I don’t see why they can’t make it like the second version of OPR and let people que for them. Have 2 rounds. One round you attack and one round you defend.

This mode doesn’t have to have territory control to the winner. It could simply just be a game mode. Its probably one of the best modes they have if they could fix the lag. This way everyone gets to partake in this mode. Companies can practice in this mode. Could add small amounts of umbral to this mode with a daily or weekly cap or something. Etc.

It shouldn’t be that hard as its already instanced. The entire framework already exists.

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