We need a Wilderness

I am lvl 28 on US East Server. I have been enjoying taking my time questing and crafting to gain my levels. I have not been flagged for pvp often outside of a few weekly faction pvp quest, where I have not really had to pvp to complete successfully.

I feel what would greatly help with New World pvp is an area/zone apart of Open world that has high lvl world bosses and pvping. There could also be high lvl ore and trees to chop. There could be levels to the zone that would allow one player to attack another.

This idea came from a classic game I played, RS. I feel New World is a game that could implement this flawlessly across each server. What are your thoughts? Would it be difficult to implement such a zone? Might even be full loot drop area also… :eyes:


Most of these idea we have brought up already to make the world a better place but yet to get feedback form devs

Better place? Forced PvP zone? It will destroy this amazing game. Been brought up already many times. Dead issue! Maybe no feedback is due to they are fed up with people screaming for this stupid idea?

Nah, send to amazon your feedback, this forum is just for white knights to screech their bullshit.

I’m not a huge fan of PvP before hitting max level (for myself), but I am all for a PvP only zone. As long as the main story, or unique materials aren’t there, I’d be fine with a side quest line, and a % increase to luck, along with an automatic flag. If they release that map along side a PvE map, it would be fine.

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