We need an Expertise system breakdown!

Just as an example, will my 580 Reformation axe be downgraded to the current GS that i have on it? Will the GS stay but the stats will be lowered to the GS I have on great axes?

Is the Expertise lvl going to increase on my armor stat details while i upgrade my watermark?

Basically is endgame gear 600 GS be lowered or will it stay 600 with my current heavy armor GS progress?

read the expertise thread lul [Dev Blog] End Game Update

What i meant is if the actual number will be lowered or just the base damage etc.

the entire piece will be lowered, base damage, perks, stats, based on whatever your watermark is. The gear score will stay the same, but it will be downscaled to your expertise level (current watermark for the item)

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