We need dungeons for the masses

I come from a very classic MMO called Dark Age of Camelot. A MMO that was way ahead of its time. The dungeons and raid encounters in that game were spectacular. It would be nice if the developers took a look and incorporated something similar. Players could group or solo these dungeons for mats/loots. The raids in DAoC were epic and repeatable, no timegate just go and smash and roll on good loots.

I’ve read a lot of about tanks, healers and Dps in generals in PUG groups. Believe me, as a healer healing groups it’s a hit or miss. As stated before “tanks” comming in with no tanking experience, shat gear, shat stats, Dps not sitting in heals,no peels… is cumbersome to say the least. Something needs to be done. On a side note it sometime takes a whole freaking hour to even find people to do low end mutations. I’ve only able gotten to get to M4 on genesis. But I do try.

What I’m trying for to say is… there needs to be some form of end game content where we can solo the content and or group it if we wanted. Most may disagree but others won’t, I like others enjoy the game but something needs to be done.

End rant…

EDIT; just remembered darkness falls, now that was epic, this could be incorapted where a faction could get into an instance via taking keeps or something. Darkness falls was freaking epic WITH PVP ENABLED!!! In DAOC you could grind seals to salvage loots and or incorporate to templates. There should be bosses which drop umbrals shards or end game currency for upgrades, skins, etc . Now that would be epic :wink:

Cross server dungeons job done

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While I agree cross server is a must I guess I’m saying there need to be more “dungeon” scenarios.
The darkness falls one for example would be so good. Everyone wants PVP, this is a good way to expand it even more.
Perhaps they have ideas for “future” expansion and are waiting, who knows. But this needs to be done.

Ezmode finding expedition groups. Want groups don’t roll on low pop server

That’s funny… I’m not even on a low pop server yet everyday i sit and wait for my mutations to form.

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