We need full loot on PvP (and PvE)! I as a ganker fell it's unfair to us!

This game is totally unfair - I wait the whole morning to gank PvElers that are flagged because they want the luck bonus, and I dont get their loot!

AGS - I demand immediately to turn on full loot for everybody to be fair to use gankers!



Moments ago you were a pve player crying cause bonus luck.

Now you are just trolling.


Sure I am trolling.
I HATE ganking games.
And that is what will happen.

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I wonder how it will become a ganking game.
But well, you can keep using your imagination. That’s good bro.

I was in the alpha. I know.

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Get back under your bridge, troll.

Nice bait mah man

Uve got 2 neurons and they are in pvp between themselves.

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I know it is a troll, but I really miss in this game full loot pvp content, I hope they will add some in the future. Memories with Albion when you killed some gucci guys or you lost in 1 minute 10 hours of ur gameplay something this is something what I love in MMO.


I will provide an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to prevent New World from becoming a “ganking game” for you:

Step 1: Don’t flag for PvP


Just leave the game and let the “pvpers” cannibalize themselves to death :slight_smile:


Albion is full loot pvp game in every content, with very crap PVE system, average graphic and nobody complain about lack of content, losing gear, gankers a lot of ppl still playing this game a they dont losing thousands of players every week like New World so maybe forced pvp is not so bad as ppl complaining

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So why turn this into albion? Players that want that can already play albion? Makes no sense? :smiley:

I will provide an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to prevent New World from “turning into Albion” for you:

Step 1: Don’t flag for PvP

I bought NW cuz I just wanna try something new after 1 year in Albion I got bored xd

Even less reason to try and turn it into albion then? :wink:

Cuz there is nothing to do in this game execpt elite chests, no fights for them nothing, Groups should fight each other for these chests if they are from different fractions not doing them together this is senseless.

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