We need full loot on PvP (and PvE)! I as a ganker fell it's unfair to us!

why as a pve player did you join the alpha of a pvp game? oh yea right so you could make cry threads like this one till the devs bend to your will and change the game.

ladys and gentlemen i present to you:

a typical pver

And proud of it.
Reason to be mostly PvE is I am a bit older than 13 :slight_smile:

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you are acting like a 13 your old child tho. infact not even 13, more like 5


To be honest mate IMO killing 15 lvl players by 60 is not funny is abusing and it should be forbiden, but areas 60+ where you have a lot of stacks of end game resources, elite chests should be open pvp, otherwise it makes MMO game, singleplayer and ppl are just solo farming it and destroying server economy. Items are solo so cheap cuz every1 can loot them in increadible amount and nobody needs them, if player who died would lose his eq and need to buy new one, (also items might get trashed)it could much repair the economy cuz there always will be items which we will need. Thats only my opinion. If some ppl are aware of losing their gear there is a good rule in full loot game never buy eq which you can rebuy at least 3 times.

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Behold Jessique the white knight - here to spread infinite wisdom. How dare any of you have a different opinion than this … individual… you are in for some wild rants.

I lived to be called a white knight in this game ROFL.

You are a new comer to these forums, FOR SURE.

ye full loot would instantly fix the economy. hardly surprising since it was designed for a full loot game. also yes ganking lowbies is a problem but there is plenty of things that can be done to avoid that from happening excessively without completely destroying the fundamentals of the game. i dont think it should be forbidden, the game´s mechanics just should make it not worth it.

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Moreover I dont understand ppl who are afraid of losing something, they collectin and collectin this gold and what they can do with it watch it grows ? Now you dont even need expensive eq to do anything. High GS dont give so big advantage between players (exepct 400 vs 600) guys with 530 GS is still able to win against players with 600 GS if they play better.

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then people will cry this is a zerg game.

Can we get Anti Pvp Mines for Pve only players… that when deployed kick the Pvp players out of the server… that would be so much fun.

These stupid, pointless posts should be banned, all they generate is a toxic, meme, troll community. So you don’t contribute anything

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