We need furnishing trade back

Continuing the discussion from [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2:

Little did very excited me know, that all the new schematics, that were a bit of a relief from the lack of furnishing trade, were bugged. And again furnishers are left behind.

I understand some fixes take longer than others, but the lack of communications about this is absolutely awful. I focused on Furnishing and I feel left out, with earnings reduced massively, which has been reduced further with TP having been disabled.

I love the game but this is very limitating for a bunch of us, not even able to make chests/trophies for company members. If trophies was the issue, why not just ban trading them? Or just disable them?

At this point I beg for an update on the current furnishing problems, so we do not despair!

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bump, please update on this.

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