We Need Gear Sets ASAP

Please Add the ability to Save gear sets so we can quickly change into them.

Having a set for Mining, Harvesting, Skinning, Logging, Luck, Main Gear set, is 30 pieces of gear not including accessories and that is discounting the sets needed to boost crafting/processing outcome.

It is an absolute nightmare scouring through a big pile of gear in order to find and equip the correct items.

Surely this is an easy thing to add to the game.

Please, I beg you.


I think many people have asked for this between alpha, beta and launch but don’t remember AGS coming back with a yay or nay on the possibility of this. That would be a good place to start.

An equipment manager would be amazing.


or let us assign tags to the items that can be searched for, or allow us to search for the texts inside the items, not only its names.

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While I agree this would be useful, this is by no means a priority issue. There are way more important issues that need to be addressed first.

100% agree. Please add this as soon as possible. Having this many gear selections and no easy way to manage the gear is a huge drag on QOL.

Inventory is to small for multiple sets when you gathering/crafting due the weight, besides that your gear sets will be damaged if you take damage or die.

I like the idea but it will not work in the current state of the game.

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