We need more FAQ on server transfers

  • How often can u change server?

*Does your faction reset upon changing server?

and so on…

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Both of your questions were answered here :slight_smile: [Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

  1. Q: Are the tokens 1 per account or 1 per character?
    A: Tokens are one per account. If we find transfers have created an imbalance on particular servers, we can re-issue tokens for those affected.

  2. Q: Do you remain in your faction or will you have a chance to go to a different faction? What if I have already changed factions once before transferring?
    A: Your faction status will be the same after transferring.

I am curious what to do because I need to change factions to play with my friends, but can’t because their faction controls the majority of territory. I would change on my current server, but the same faction currently controls the majority of territories on my current server. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to change factions at all. Please help?

To better explain, I am currently Green on one server. Friends joined Purple on another server. I want to join their server and faction, but purple controls majority of territories on both servers.


I just ran into a similar issue, but after server transferring when I could have changed factions before transferring.

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Please, if possible, enable faction switching. My friends on another server joined Eden and I joined Eden, and I didn’t change factions as I didn’t know what the make-up would be. My friends are Covanent, I figured I could swap over after I went, but it turns out Eden is split between both Marauders and Covanent sharing 5 territories each. This means I am stuck Sydnicate and can’t pick either one if I wanted. If both factions are at a tie, surely I should be able to swap to at least one of them to tip the scales, no?

Either way, I was so excited to be on a server with my friends, but we’re still separated by faction. I wish I dropped Sydnicate before i swapped, but Covanent has been the smallest on most servers I’ve seen so I didn’t expect it to be an issue. It’s even worse because both the two opposite factions are tied for most territories. I hope there is some solution here, or at least I’d even buy two transfer tokens to swap to another server, change to Covanent, and swap back to Eden so I can play on the same faction as my friends. It is beyond frustrating, and honestly it’s worse knowing I am partially responsible as I should have changed before moving, but hindsight is 20/20. I just want to pvp with my friends and do faction missions with them.

I don’t know if it’s too much to ask, but I hope AGS can consider something here. Thanks

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