We need more frequent AGS updates

New World is in a bad state right now, with some weapons completely unplayable and combat feeling worse than ever.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that more than anything, the playerbase just wants to be heard and respected.

Please give us more frequent updates on the official news section and highlight priority bugs so we know our comments here in the forum aren’t just falling on deaf ears.

Thank you very much.


They used to update the major known issues thread pretty regularly. That completely died after December. Dev blogs used to be a thing too.

The comms is the worst I’ve ever seen it.


The “developer corner” hasn’t been updated lately. Not sure why they didn’t put the link to the last dev video on the dev section of the forums…

They put the link in “official news” which gets buried due to updates released in multiple languages.

That kind of lack of basic information organization skills worries me


I mean lets be honest, the amount of work it takes to move the massive ship that is an mmo takes time. There isn’t any need to update us ever 3 days. The know what the problems are and they’re working on it. These things take time. Monthly updates are pretty good for an mmo.

at least you got purple glowing eyelids, that should bring like 15 people back for an hour


youd think this would be a simple request.

i didnt get mine???

you mean they streamed at like 9am on a monday and ended it before people who have normal jobs could have it? what a shame lol.

AGS stands for “almost giving a shit”


Healthy games for sure. But this one is hemorrhaging players and has some critical issues the status of which should be communicated much more regularly.

Their comms plan here really makes no sense. The dog surrounded by a kitchen fire is very apt.


not denying that, but if you lose over 95% player base within 4 months, you totes deff screwed up something.

amazon pulled people out to go work on a new game, which leave this game in limbo and low effort patches to help things…

Hm, November there were 7 Dev.-Blogs, December 7 Dev.-Blogs, January 1 Dev.-Blog, since then nada. Conclusion?

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I kinda wish they spaced it better as well. It recently has been silence… 6 weeks later. Dev blog/update. Silence.

Even if it was spacing it better. The last Dev video was kinda disappointing and the luck explanation really showed they were in part out of touch with us, I think that adds to it.

I really miss when they explained their rationale for changes. When they released regular Dev Blogs in written form. Etc.

I am looking forward to this roadmap though! I just hope it’s not at the end of the month after a month of silence again.

Which I’m not being entirely fair when I say silence ( plenty of responses on the forums, but most are not giving any additional information and telling us to wait for the announcements) but most communication during that time was just released PTR updates. It was more one sided and less if a dialog with the players.

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The lack of transparency with the dev team is beyond terrible. I don’t understand how the devs of a game with the most amount of lost players in a 6 month time frame can justify not addressing the remaining community on exactly what their plan is going forward. We need to know you are hearing us about the combat issues. We need to know what you are prioritizing as fixes. We need to understand that this game DOES have a potential future, because it looks terrible right now. Your remaining few players WILL quit playing if there is no transparency that their issues are being worked on. That means more than someone posting on the forum they are having an issue and you replying “we’ll look into it”. That’s the laziest response possible and we have earned more than that by continuing to support this project. Without your community, you don’t have a game. Show us a bit of respect and be more transparent.

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Almost the end of Q1, there doesn’t seem to be any new games, updates, or DLC on the horizon, too. Perhaps they are hedging their bets or is it just a lack of attention to detail? We shall soon find out…

how many straws can one camel’s back take!?!?!?

or maybe we dont look how there updates are working so far…

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Yep. I wouldn’t mind if they released buggy PvE content or something, but when they fundamentally break their combat…wtf.

& leave it broken for 2 weeks lol

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At this point it is Lost Ark first for them and LA is having major issues atm.

i really cant get into LA so hopefully they return some man power to NW