We need more information about Siege Tiers

We need some more information about Fort Siege deffence building tiers, like: Repeater/Ballista/Burning Oil Vat/Warhorns/Explosive

  • What is the difference between the tiers?
  • We had some roumors that Ballista applies rend to the enemies, are they true?
  • Do the deffence contructions have more health with higher tier?
  • Do they do more damage?

As you can see in the image down bellow, we are upgrading them blindly and they have higher upkeep with each higher tier, we want to know to they worth the upkeep for higher tier.

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Hello @FruTexR

I understand your questions and the importance of them. So please bear with me while I investigate the difference between each tier for you. I will post more information soon :panda_face:

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Thank you, i tought this will be another post without respont from the staff, i will be waiting for your respond :slight_smile:

Hello @FruTexR

I tried checking for specific numbers so I can give you a better answer, but I couldn’t find that information. When a specific Seige weapon gets upgraded, the effect it does becomes more stronger, and each weapon have different effects. So this means that the key effect each weapon is made for, is improved.

What is the difference between the tiers on each weapon?

I couldn’t find specific numbers, but it upgrades the weapons effect. Fort upgrades revolve around enhancing the area’s defenses, ranging from stronger gates to the ability to deploy more emplacements. Keeping a fort will require as many of these upgrades as possible. For example, each upgrade has 3 Tiers, improving the effectiveness of the defensive structure/weapon. In the case of Gates, each upgrade improves the HP of all gates. Emplacement Point upgrades allow for the placement of more Siege Weapons. Following the same logic, improving Ballista, Explosive Cannon, Repeater Turret, and Fire Dropper to a higher tier will improve their damage. And improving the Horn of Resilience will improve the defensive buff it provides.

Does Ballista applies rend to enemies?

Ballista - has a medium rate of fire, very high damage per shot, and is most effective against structures and large, slower-moving targets, it appears that rend is not mentioned anywhere so this is not confirmed

Do they have more health with higher tier?

For some it does, specifically with Gates but for others it enhances it’s key effects.

Do they do more damage?

Upgrading a tier upgrades the effect of the specific weapon, if it’s meant for damage, upgrading it increases what it inflicts.

Hope this information helps :panda_face:

Thank you very much!

Most of the information that you’ve provided was already know, but i guess you can’t do anything more to get more specific information about the numbers.
The most useful anwer was that: “it appears that rend is not mentioned anywhere so this is not confirmed”.
We hope the Developers will provide more information in game for future.


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