We need more Merges! EU CENTRAL

We need more merge servers. We have 17 servers and a lot are with low pop.

Thank you.

Edit: 29/05

We need merges!! URGENT!

Edit: 02/06



Yes, please.


plz we do…


I think each individual has different goals and experiences that cause them to continue playing a game. I respect the idea that you would rather play on a high pop server, I would hope that you would also recognize and support the idea that some of us prefer it exactly the way we have it right now. In lieu of typing it again, here is a previous thread regarding the same thing.

I would, however, like to add that for some time now we have had all 10 stations available at T5. At 10 or less total upgrades (most of the settlements) these stations are seemingly immune to invasion downgrades. I say seemingly because I can not find official word from AGS that this is how the mechanics work. In months of 100% invasion losses, we have not seen a single station upgrade lost when the settlement has 10 or less.

AGS, please do not ruin the experience for the small-town people by forcing us to play high pop.

?? So what when People waiting just for merge? like we are at Bran

Just 17 servers is 2 much don’t you think?!

No, actually I don’t. There have been a lot of merges, have they solved the issues or just been temporary band-aids? I’m going with temporary, honestly, I think that after the first few rounds they actually made things worse. The game continued to hemorrhage players despite providing the high pop experience again and again. AGS has made a number of good changes in the last few patches that have brought new or returning players. The answer is to continue to improve the game.

Meanwhile, if you crave the high pop experience, nothing is stopping you from transferring to the server of your liking. If that is what makes you enjoy the game and keep playing it, then I truly hope you find what you are looking for. A larger player base benefits us all.

Dasko, for months people have been telling myself and others to stop wasting our time trying to improve the server because we are going to merge soon. However, a merge never came and now we have a small, active, and growing community on Roca. We can voice our opinion here for or against a merge, but that is the extent of our power. If a merge comes or doesn’t, I have no control over that. So I’m not going to worry or wait for something that may never come. I voiced my opinion, now I have to go as I have a date with Isabella. :smiling_imp:

They need to do merges and unlock Barri


So buy token like rest of us and move :blush: with love AGS :sunglasses:

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no thanks…
use ur transfer tokens or just buy some…
i really dont want a crowded toxic 1200+ player server

where every single ressource is camped

well okay your opinions, i respect y’all

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