We need more skins

I want to pay, but…

Give us more skins

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Better skins.


Why can’t I find a cool headpiece that doesn’t have spikes or some big plate looking thing sticking out the top. Can I just get a simple but cool looking headpiece like a mask around the eyes or something.


This is defiantly a good time to bring some of the older good skins they removed with all the new/returning players like me.

The Winged knight skin and DEVIL WENT DOWN TO AETERNUM are really good skins which I’m as a return player will defiantly buy if u add them.

Remove these old Halloween skeleton skins and create some new ones or at least bring the good ones back to store because at the moment, only the ugly skins left…

Think this is one of the thing I don’t like about NW. The skins, the outfits, etc. aren’t really interesting to me. It just don’t have that awe or amazing feeling to it. Not to mention the reused designs for the gears.

Maybe that might just be me due to the style of the game but nothing really feels exciting to me in regards to the designs of the gears.

Looking forward to transmog though. That might change things because there are several outfit/gears I found that are quite nice which I would like to use.

Dass es vor allem für Frauen keine schönen Kleider gibt , ist der Grund weshalb ich dieses Spiel nicht spielen will obwohl Ich es gekauft habe . Auch die weiblichen Charaktere ( die Gesichter ) sehen alle grauenhaft aus . Echt schrecklich . Wer will einen Charakter mit solch einer fratze spielen?? Damit kann und möchte keine Frau sich identifizieren !! Bitte tut dahingehend endlich mal was liebe Gamedesigner !!!

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I can’t think of any comments better that this one. Need BETTER skins