We need new pvp content!

We need:

  1. New opr map
  2. Capture the flag oprs (like warsong gulch in wow)
  3. Rated arenas, maybe even rated oprs.
  4. Pvp seasons with status symbols skins/titles for the best rated players
  5. Opr map design changes: between sun and moon theres no cover from muskets at all
  6. a few more arena maps

There are 7 engame expeditions right now and still just one opr map + one arena map.
Please add some of ur thoughts


I hate PVP with all my might, and even i agree with this, Even More With RATED PVP, There people that loves that.


Since this game is basically a higher graphics quality of the game Albion Online, why not adapt some of their award winning ideas such as: Corrupted Dungeons.

An award winning idea that revitalized the entire game as Corrupted Dungeons were solo PVP/PVE content accessible at anytime. Basically, a solo dungeon where u can click a pvp stone within the dungeon to be considered a raider while your in the corrupt dungeon. As you clear mobs in your dungeon you have chances at running into another solo enemy player that u must kill or be killed so that the winner can fight the dungeon end boss. Then after all is said and done, u can go next corrupt dungeon or teleport out the dungeon.

So, basically corrupt dungeons are 24-7 accessible content for both PVE and PVP player’s and is solo content.

Albion Online also has ‘Hell Gates’ which are instanced 2v2 , 5v5 arena’s with powerful mobs scattered around essentially.

HELL NO, This thing made my time in Albion Hell, Grieving by players constantly. Impossible to do simple things, And the worst you lost your loot because there were people who literally made groups to go against 1 single player just to get your equipment. Literally hell. I remember doing a solo DG and looking back and seeing 10 Fk players coming at me, the result there is obvius.

capture the flag + new maps would be the first thing they should do imo

Thanks for the feedback @moa.A1HLNWV0J9ISDI I will pass this along to the team!


thx m8!