We need perma bans for all dupes past present and future

I do not even care if it means 3 people a server enough is enough. There is whole groups of people just profiting and ruining the game and to hit them with slap on the wrist bans is just plain dumb and super short sighted.

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Seen this thread before, can we get another?

to give ppl a 24 hour ban or two week ban just encourages this form of play the profits far out way the risks involved in such actions get tough or lose you player base devs

The problem is, I think, that dupers are pretty obsessed with causing as much trouble as they can.

From what I’ve learned from other games with this experience dupers simply turn around and buy another copy of the game and start again.

I do agree that there should be insta-bans for this kind of thing. Yet I also do not think it will truly resolve the issue for any length of time.

The best that can be done, again from watching other games I’ve played, is for the devs to cut off the ability to use the dupe to make wealth and then to patch the hole in the code that allowed the exploit in the first place.

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