We need rush potions instead of mounts

I’ve seen quite few people saying that mount will ruin the game experience. And I agree! Walking through zones and forcing you to kill mobs and farm local is a must for overall experience.
That said, with mounts, will have players just rushing areas without even concerning about environment events, like PvP players, mob attack staggering, etc. All that adrenaline of having to survive or the joyfulness of encountering some epic harvesting loot will disappear on the switching of mounting: people will get lazy.
I think that a nice alternative for that is to have am option of food or potion to make movimento slightly faster… I said SLIGHTLY! Something between 5% and 10% boost.
By that we could move faster, make economy healthier by obliging people to craft those potions/foods and using (and buying) those flood of refining items to make them. Also, don’t make the duration time for that too long, like food, something like 5 minutes is enough.
I’m prettysure that will mitigate lots of annoying people on many sides of this matter.


That’s worst than a mount, your idea will force all players to grind that potions for everything and have that juicy 10% always on.

You are exploring the world… why such a rush. At high level you do not walk that much, only for open world pvp or gathering.

No, we need sprint.

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Both sprint and speed potions (if they ever happen) should have the player to be knocked down and slowed for 3-4 seconds after getting back up if damage is received.

what a terrible idea.

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