We need server merges!

Only for the servers that have less than 300 people at peak…
I don’t want to get flooded by void armors


I’d add a no penalty faction change to either minority faction upon arrival to a new server to that list as well.

HOw about just giving us more server transfer tokens? At this point it’s so bad I’d be willing to pay just to move off the apparently bad first choice I made. I am unable to enjoy the game on my current server – can’t complete the storyline for the T5 staff, crafting is an immeasurably long grind without being to leverage the trading post (it’s that dead), and Myrkguard or other end game areas can have 1-3 people in them during prime time.

It’s gaming breaking not having people to play with at the high end. I should have just grabbed the server that is highest in the list and went with it, but I chose to pick what was a slightly higher pop medium instead. My mistake I guess, but I wasn’t expecting the game to so rapidly die off either.

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I highly encourage all of you to join the US East or EU Central PTR worlds to help us test world merges before we bring them live. More details included in this chonky dev blog update:

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Kay please help my friend he has been stuck for weeks Stuck Knocked Down and Can't Be Revived (Immobilized Bug)

They fixed it for others

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While I usually don’t respond to posts that are off topic for the thread, this is something we are very concerned about - it sucks big time - I do want your buddy to know that we have a fix coming in soon for everyone left in the Immobilized state. It needs final validation testing but we are super close.


I think a good first step would be cross server OPR. Given a lot of servers can’t even scrape together enough to have one a day whilst others are coining it in running 24/7 …

As for mergers, I’d hate to end up in a world with a constant queue so they need to be VERY careful how they manage that- not to mention territory!!

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Are you able to teleport him :frowning: I know on another post they did! Please Help we need him for our war tonight.

I know panda said he teleported people :frowning: He can login now

I am not able to do that, no. Only Customer Support and Moderation have those tools.


Are you able to @ one of them to see this haha sorry you have been very helpful.

Not sure if they are able to see yours more than mine. I bet they get hundreds every seconds.

Mmmm’k, thanks Kay. It’s a corny joke, I know… :smiley: hugs

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It would be great if we can get paid transfers enabled asap, I don’t know how much more I can take of this game if I can’t play Outpost rush more than once a day…

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Great news,i know people are complaining :roll_eyes: i want to do that sometimes aswell but you know what we are going in the right direction with all the planned updates.

Just hope when they will merge the worlds to do that with a high population server and not with a similar low number because like that maybe you will have 10 peoples more online but I’m sure they know how to do it properly.

As an ending,great plans,great teem,good balance and great ideas and thanks for listening us.

Good job DEVS :clap::+1::ok_hand:

The server merges should have happened much faster.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no point in merging servers that have player numbers between 200 and 500. The results of this will not lead to more group activity.

Those left behind on these servers are usually solo players and bots. Concentrating such players will not lead to more group activity.

How do we participate exactly?

Can you give a shorter description for us? I want to help but I don’t care enough to read through the entire devblog as PTR stuff largely doesn’t interest me and never has.

I just need to know what time to be logged in and what to do.

Reading the dev blog they need round 2 of transfer before mergers

It says you cannot transfer once servers are merged. So i take it as if you and friends are on different servers and they get merged into a different one you are out of luck with joining friends again