We need server merges!

There is hope. Stay tuned.


Good news, hope it’s soon. Many servers are in dire need to be merged. Keep up the good work, and have a pleasant weekend :smile:.


Hope of a 2nd transfer token, or hope that you’ll merge low pop servers to create more vibrant communities?

If the latter, will potential impact on queue times be considered?

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Absolutely. Merge servers and make more server transfers available.

thanks for the update. any plans to increase server population cap? Has it been considered?

Tbh there is never a moment where we don’t think about it, and are actively working on it.

Our Community managers will keep folks updated when we are ready to make those adjustments.


good to know, thanks!

Cross Server play instead maybe?


Thank you! I’ll keep watching for an update. :blue_heart:

What happens to the territories during a server merge?
What happens to Windsward, for example, if it is controlled by yellow on server 1 and by green on server 2 and these are then merged?


I was on the relaxed side so far. But I see more and more people getting into trouble to complete even their main quest, because less and less people are even able to help due to the server I play on getting less players every day.

With the original plans that never would have been a problem, but when I get to that well guy, I may be the only one on the server who needs the quest :smiley:
It starts hindering progress.


cross server on a sandbox game ? No thanks, i don’t want a wow 2. and please guys found a guild or mate to play and you can do what you want after …


Don’t you guys think there are players out there on dead servers & they’re free to farm the best possible gear without being interrupted? They will be transferring to one of those populated servers after they’re done to ruin the game for anyone else having a life.

Need a server merge in saturday online players peak 260k :frowning: new world is losing players very fast next week its gonna be around 150k after that 100k after that ? @Kay

I like a almost empty server, allows me to get some farming done to improve tradeskills.

Once maxed, then merge :slight_smile:


Maxing trade skills costs a ton of gold. On a dead server, there is limited gold.

I’m maxing Armoring and it takes me over 5k gold from taxes alone to grind 150 to 180 armoring. The last twenty levels is looking like well over 10k gold in crafting taxes.

Edit: Maxing crafting + refining is not possible on truly dead servers. It’s a paradise for gathering professions. Crafting + Refining require T4 and most importantly T5 stations. T5 stations cost 10k gold to start the upgrade PLUS the time investment for completing the town project (5,000 town project points). The station will likely get downgraded every 4 days from an invasion. Crafting requires multiple (usually 4 or 5) T5 stations to get the raw materials upgraded to craft lv 60+ gear.

Reference: 1.28x crafting tax


At least close char creation to dead server so in the future you will have less headache.

This would kill the server dynamic like it did in wow. It’s fun to see the same name pop-up on your server and having a past with those people. I highly doubt cross server would be beneficial specially in open world and in expedition. In OPR that’s another story, having a cross realm queue would make having a grp queue and a solo player queue posible could be interesting


Might want to toss in an option to change faction. Being forced onto a server that may have zero territories controlled by my faction seems kind of rude. I know this is a touchy subject as keeping faction balance and wars going is important. But if I go from having homes and materials scattered throughout my faction controlled territories to none at all, that’s F**ked up.