We need server merges!

Since server transfers are working more reliably and AGS is fixing the (hopefully) last issues and edge cases left, more and more low population servers are starting to die. Our server for example (low population, EU) saw a decrease of approx. 500 players over the last week (~800 peak to ~300 peak according to https://newworldstatus.com/) and more companies are considering a transfer right now. Some of the content is gated by player numbers (e.g. Outpost Rush) and people that actually transferred to these dying servers are trapped right now.

I see the occasional topic with a similar theme pop up but devs and community managers hardly reply to this issue. Especially now that most of the critical exploits are taken care of, this needs to be looked into.


I agree with You, my server is dead too, nobody doing dungeons, OPR, etc, It just dead, 200-300ppl online, I think it s time to link servers, there are way too much servers atm for the pupulation left on NW


100% agree, people are getting very bored on low pop servers and the game barely functions as well. Vast majority of towns has issues generating money, but on low pop its completely impossible outside of the main trade hubs.

You could argue about transfers but that will both imbalance servers even more and also split up companies.

We need server merges asap.


It’s a game that heavily relies on an active community. We haven’t had a proper war for a long time now and that’s another large part of the content just gone. I fear the current server situation is going to have a larger, negative impact on the community than some of the open bugs and issues.

I don’t like pinging the community managers or devs unnecessarily, but I feel this is an extremely urgent topic and people need an official statement/announcement.

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Hey there, world merges are on the horizon, but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds. As you can imagine given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an over abundance of caution here.

Keep an eye out in the official news area for an update from our Community Managers on this in the near future.


Can’t be denied that server merges need to happen as they were dumb enough to release way too many servers just so everyone and their dog could play on peak time.

Outpost Rush however needs serious rethinking on opening times in the day or other requirements for entry. The open world will be quiet regardless because of that game mode that shouldn’t even be a main part of the experience!


I sure hope you guys learn your lesson and start trying these things on a public PTR.


The open world needs seriously rethinking on opening times in the day or other requirements for entry. Outpost rush may have slightly longer queues regardless because of that game mode that shouldn’t even be a main part of the experience!

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Give the people on low population servers another transfer token in the meantime. i transferred on a 1200+ server on the first wave and now the server has 250 players on peak hours after the second wave. The game has become a single player MMO for those that transferred on a server on the first wave that saw players leave during the second wave. Please take a look at the Idavoll server in EUC. Thanks


My server was perfectly fine but was destroyed by server transfers. Now there is a bot on every ore node and an army of hatchet animation canceling and food buff exploiters took over the entire map in a few days… 90% of the original companies quit the game. GG cant wait for the server merges.


That’s fully understandable! It’s good to know that this is being looked into already though. Thanks for the fast reply!


Is there any hope of a 2nd transfer token for those of us that used our first to join friends and are now trapped on dead servers? I know its still early, it’s only noon est, but there’s only 167 people online on my server right now according to New world database. More people are transferring off every day.

As much as bugs and exploits sucked, I could deal with that… but it’s hard to play a game like this when there aren’t many others to play with.


Can we at least know how the merge system will be like first? I know u guys tested merge in the beta before, but what is it actually like. How about let the public know first, and have a feedback on it before you actually work on it?

Thank you Thank you Thanky you. This means so much to the community alot of us have no content because there is no players to participate in it!


There is hope. Stay tuned.


Good news, hope it’s soon. Many servers are in dire need to be merged. Keep up the good work, and have a pleasant weekend :smile:.


Hope of a 2nd transfer token, or hope that you’ll merge low pop servers to create more vibrant communities?

If the latter, will potential impact on queue times be considered?

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Absolutely. Merge servers and make more server transfers available.

thanks for the update. any plans to increase server population cap? Has it been considered?

Tbh there is never a moment where we don’t think about it, and are actively working on it.

Our Community managers will keep folks updated when we are ready to make those adjustments.