We need server merges!

This is not acceptable by any means and should be TOP PRIORITY! AGS needs to perform server merges NOW!!! The lack of players is killing the game. The content has become too difficult to solo due to the elite buffs, this game is designed/built around groups and with so few players we are unable to play the game…

That’s a much prettier graph than newworldserver status. Where’s that at?

Not trying to be an asshole but this post telling us to hold out hope for server mergers and/or more transfer tokens is nearly a month old. My server has 139 people on right now, with invasions about to get going, this is our usual peak population on weekdays. I don’t think we even hit 200 people anymore on the weekends. And I feel lucky that I’m not on one of the servers with literally 50 people on right now.

By the time you guys get around do actually doing mergers, you will have no players left playing on these dead servers to merge. You really should just release a paid transfer token. A paid token makes it much less likely botters will abuse it by botting up resources on low pop servers and transferring them over, it also makes it much less likely that we’ll have mass migrations from companies who raid treasuries and leave servers and settlements to rot. There are literally no downsides.

I’m sorry, but telling us to have hope almost a month ago as many of us watch our servers fall into further obscurity and unplayability while we receive absolutely no updates or ETAs on mergers or transfers is demeaning.

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@Kay @Tosch @Luxendra Hey guys I have a proposition here. With the amount of players we have right now actively playing you guys now roughly how many servers you will keep. With this in mind why don’t you just appoint those 20-40 servers or how many you will keep and give out special tokens to players who are not on those servers to choose and transfer to any of the servers you are going to keep and give a timeframe and notice that the leftover servers will go offline in let’s say one week. Any players who left the game and left a character on any of the servers which will shut down “loose” their server status and if they were in a company their company status when they will go down, next time they log-in let’s say after a month they just have to choose a live server to play the game again. For companies who own territories on shut down servers pay that one fee you wanted anyway if that’s want you wanted (those companies made enough money on the low pop servers anyway I know that first hand) and everyone will be happy and get to play the game again. Some people/companies will be unhappy with this but honestly they just trying to get even more gold out of the game to get an advantage, so to those players don’t even try to convince anyone that is not true :wink:

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Mergers need to occur immediately.


Looks like the guinea pigs have been selected [Notice] Server Merge Mardi and Brittia - Central EU - #2 by Luxendra

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Can we please speed up with this?

Players are literally just quitting the game at this point, dead servers are not helping,

even our own server is so dead, we are on NA east, barely 100+ active players…

This should be the top priority at this point.


I didn’t played for over 2 weeks and really i miss the game but my world is dead.
Server Gorias was almost 300 players at peek when i stopped playing but now it’s even worse with a maximum 120 players at peak.
More and more players are quitting because you can’t play the game without a healthy server(at least 1000 players).
So really I’m sorry i don’t play and help by being present(online) but is just pointless without an economy,no OPR and wars just for the same peoples.
SO i did 60 for a while but no chance for some END GAME activities as OPR/WARS or Expeditions/elites zone’s .

I still have hope and check every day this forums but…when @Luxendra @NW_Mugsy will help us?

American gaming company catering to EU players before NA players, makes sense.

@Luxendra @NW_Mugsy @Kay @Lane @Tosch

do we have any more information on merges? alot of servers under 100 pop on Peak and now alot of people quitting Please can i ask why AGS are not taking this serious and making noi communications hardly on addressing this ?

We have our first server merge slated for Wednesday. [Notice] Server Merge Mardi and Brittia - Central EU

This will be the first merge we attempt on the live game so the team will be monitoring this closely to ensure that it progresses smoothly.


Grats to Mardi and Brittia for being guinea pigs… err… first!


How did the merger tests go in Betas and in last PTR ?

Thank you and the devs for the hard work, I love this game! Glad to see server merges are already happening.


@Luxendra, could you please check out my post here and see if you can get some answers regarding future merges and the overall strategy?

Ideally we get a second free server transfer token because some server clusters are in a bad shape. A lot of my friends are on the verge of quitting because the server we’re on is losing population quickly. We looked at the cluster we’re in, even if you were to merge all the servers in the same cluster together, we still wouldn’t be as populated as say Valhalla for an example. At this point most would rather just transfer to Valhalla, Eden, Olympus, etc… or quit the game.

We would even take paid transfer if you aren’t willing to give us a second free transfer token. Paying a small fee so we can have fun and play New World the way its intended to be played is well worth the money. Being stuck on low populated server cluster is just sadness all around, because the future doesn’t look as bright.

Our server lost many companies in the past month because their choices were to either transfer or quit the game, so they chose transferring to a more populated and fun server. Unfortunately for many people who have already used their first free transfer token, they are stuck and can not go anywhere. This is a big problem right now.

So please, if server merges won’t be happening VERY SOON, please either give us a second free transfer token or paid transfer option.

Please hurry@!

Assuming that goes smoothly, do you have a time frame for other mergers? Also, I’m assuming some servers should receive more than a single merger? As in, can we expect full world set mergers? If you were to mergers our entire set, during prime time hours you’d still be under server cap (significantly so. Roughly 1300 last I checked). Just hoping this is being looked at as merging us into a single other small server in our set will only raise our prime time peak from 130 to maybe 300, which us still a very low population.

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Any chance you can share with us when will we see next merges? What is the plan?
We really need them before Christmas on low pop servers. More and more people are leaving because servers are empty :frowning:

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Thank you for your time… and patience.

This is from New World Server Status and Population - New World Database

It is MY World Set. As you can see all servers here are Extremely low. My server is Hsuan.
I am hoping that all of these servers are to be merged into 1 server. Even merging them all will NOT make an average-sized server. But it would help to improve many people’s gameplay.

So PLEASE merge my whole World Set…
This would be much appreciated.

Thank You.