We need server merges!

wherever we move, when we do, our company are organising to clean up inactives in the company and will go on a recruitment spree to get actives on the new server, but its also where we merge if its trash there were going to move using the token we all got but never used the first time around, knew merges would happen eventually back then and it wasnt as low pop back then so still playable, thought to wait for merge see if its a good server faction balance, economy balance etc then move if need be again.

but yeah these guys that left and formed the leadership of one of the new yellow companies that kicked off the traitoring to yellow to unbalance the server all had giant egos and believed they were the sole reason our company and faction won wars, so they test it when the other top players have been inactive and fight lower geared people, constantly an average of a 1v3 scenario, when theyre caught 1v1 its very few who actually win their fights, I still kill a lot of them in OPR which makes me laugh they think theyll dominate on a larger server with much more pvpers, half our low pop server are pve people lmao.

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Due to the Amazon service issue, we have to delay our first merge by one day to Thursday AM (PST). If the Community Managers haven’t posted something about this already, they will. It’s been a wild day, and I’m sorry for those that didn’t get to play or had other concerns come up today. :confused:

We are also moving ahead, again barring anything that would make us pause coming from the Thursday merge, with two full or nearly full set merges (this is merging within a set, not across) on Friday.

As far as I’m aware, the two sets that are getting merges on Friday are: Vanaheim Terra and Nibiru Mu. Again though, I would wait for the CM message in official news for the final details.


Appreciate the update

Rough day, been there, don’t want to do it again. Thanks for the update!

really hope more servers go forward with merges soon, its more or less unplayable with low pop and one faction gouging taxes to make you not want to pay those, I refuse to pay any taxes until merge tbh.

thanks for the update though!

@Kay - Why don’t you guys do another wave of server tokens, wait a few days then do merges. I need to move servers because my friends moved, but I don’t have a token anymore.

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I told my friends to transfer to a higher pop thinking I was going to get another transfer token due to the talk of the second round transfers… and now I’m stuck too :frowning:

They never said that there would be a second transfer token. So, your own fault too be honest. I also blame the devs for some things sometimes, but cannot add my own errors on them.

They definitely did want me to link you the post?

Here is an issue with just giving out tokens. Imagine how many bots have been able to just freely harvest resources and gain coin all this time. Now you give them a token to just bring all that stuff to any server they want and ruin that economy even more.

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Once they are sure there aren’t any big problems with mergers the rest will happen pretty fast.

They clearly said they would issue second token before year’s end. We had people transfer on this premise as well and now are stuck/split.

I’ve @Kay and @Firus several times to see if this post was valid or just more misinformation.

yeah because idk how much patience I have to wait the way my server is currently, just some egotistical elitists taking over the map after all moving from other factions to one and they constantly admit its for the 50k gold per territory on merge, past couple weeks now has been the most toxic and boring ther server has ever been I login to see whats happening, OPR and maybe a war (which is always a losing one since the person in questions faction now is by far most dominant, easily 80% of whats left on our server are one faction ruining it for profit, even with some helping between two factions against them they still easily outnumber us and its completely unfun to be on.

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The economy is already ruined on the dead servers. And the people who actually are still playing in them have a ton of mats saved up because there is nothing else to do so some bots aren’t going to create a bigger impact than there already is going to be.

@Kay @Luxendra @Lane @Tosch @NW_Mugsy

Guys can you confirm after you merge the world sets ( like the one happening on the 10th their server population will be under 1k which is still not enough players will this Set be merged with another merged Set or higher populated server to up the numbers?

we really need more communication and transparacey i hope you understand how under 1k pop server is going to kill the game off

and also stopping transfers after merge seems too harsh also you should give it 1-2 weeks then re enable transfers

and allow people to purchase server transfer tokens also
for my server for example we are 100 players at peak and our guild has 40 people willing to transfer however 14 don’t have tokens

we are then faced with a difficult decision we stay ona dead server with a Dead server set or we transfer and lose players and who will probably quit

do you think thats fair?

I thought you could only transfer to the same world set anyway? How would a transfer token help? World set merged into one world = solution.

You can transfer anywhere in your region (e.g US East). However merging entire world sets will still result in a medium population at best in some cases.

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Any chances you can do more merges at once? there’s so many dead servers that badly need a merge. My server for exemple doesn’t get OPR, world pvp is dead, we get maybe one war a week, most invasions doesn’t even fill.

With server capacity of 2000 your threshold for merge should be literally any server that has less than 500 conc players and that’s being generous because my server doesn’t even get 150 on a good day. I used my transfer token to play with my guild and even they are using their token to leave the server because it’s dead while my group of friends are stuck there or have quitted already.

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Can you comment if this information is still accurate? A simple yes or no, it came from your community.

The guild is split cause some used their tokens due to this messaging. Others thought it would come by “year’s end” - your message.

I understand cutting cost is important and server mergers are the fastest bang for the buck, but please don’t hold the player base hostage. Many of us enjoy the game because of the people we play with and right now you’re splitting the community.

We thoroughly enjoy the game, sad to see it at a 100k players. More of my guild will quit if we can’t get on the same server. We only transferred because of the messaging your CM put out above.

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