We need server merges!

Marauders lost Monarch’s Bluffs and Ebonscale tonight to Covenant. Cutlass Keys is our last bastion (Reekwater doesn’t count because it’s bugged).

The company that owned MB has transferred to a higher pop server. Ebsonscale was owned by a one-man company.

Most of the active PVP players gathered to defend them for memes (and rewards), sum up to 30 people-ish. Both wars lasted 4 minutes. We fought them but they piled up on the points and used their numeric advantage to left click us to death.

What happen was: Covenant wrecks everyone. Non-Covenant people get pissed. AGS turns on the free server transfers. Non-Covenant people leave. The population drops. More people leave.

tl;dr losing sucks so we’re leaving, thanks for the free transfers

I don’t blame the Toast company for this, we were putting up a fight, at worse we would have kept status-quo like this with CK-MB-EB

A server merger would help. If things continue like this, we’ve speculated that Toast, the largest multi-company alliance, will transfer out, since the low population makes it not worth owning the towns.
Help. :clown_face:


Maybe you’re not grown up enough that everything is toxic :wink:

To think that a game can’t have competitive features anymore…some of you have been hurt, I also sense I complete lack of confidence, in your skills and verbally. Oh well.

@mythal calm down there buddy, I’m on your side…more so than they are anyway xD
I want this game with a Lineage 2 pvp open world, always remembered as one of the best, Outpost Rush is a separate game away from the main game, the actual world, it should be available during war times, not when its hard to find people in the mornings and middle of the day…

rose tinted glasses much

I’d rock rose tinted glasses, I’m a handsome man,

Did you come here to argue against me? sorry I can’t see anything but I doubt there will be anything based off that casual off the cuff remark xD

On my current server (SA East - Arali), the peak of players on a weekend for example is 200. Now imagine how it should be during the week…

And unfortunately I used the free token to come to this server. If I had known that this server was going to die right after I migrated, I would have waited a little longer


Is there really hope?

I transferred (EU - Ishkatar) and its caused a game breaking bug where I can’t even move my character. There is no option for an additional transfer (even if at a cost). The 160+ hours I’ve put into the game has been for nothing.

I reported it to AGS Support and all I get told is to wait for the next patch and hope it gets fixed.

I genuinely love this game, I pre-ordered it on 14th Jan 2020. It has just become no longer playable…


There is little hope in my mind, because you have failed to remove all of the duplicated gold and items and people are still running around leaps and bounds ahead of us normal players because you refused to remove all of the duplicated items and gold in an appropriate way.

It is disheartening and really hard to wrap my head around?


Hope was taken away from me when I logged into 1.0.5 and found out I couldn’t play with my gear/stats anymore because of the 250 STR stutter bug, more lag/de sync and all I got was a “Sucks for you until next patch”……

I learned that when support says they are working on a fix “real soon”……it does not mean real soon…

And so I have been forced to level my fishing to 200.

Even with the hatchet bug, 1.0.4 was the pinnacle of performance / playability. 1.0.5 is just a sad sad lag filled mess.

I’d take advantage of being on a dead server as much as I could before the merger. You’d have free reign on all the resources. Imagine orichalcum nodes as far as the eye can see.

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i hope the companys from lower server will NOT LOST ALL TERRITORY to greater server, when this happened our company is leaving.

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Totally agree with the OP. They need to merge servers and they need to do it soon. Right now on EU central on a weekend there are so many servers with less than 250 players and over 15+ with less than 150 players (8% population). Those bottom 15 servers could be merged into one and still wouldn’t hit 2000 player cap. These stats are even worse mid-week and this is just not sustainable. It’s like playing a dead game that’s on its last legs…

It really is a dire case of low population 200-300 peak some servers even lower. Not only merge but a way to figure out how to hold more than 2K players per.

My server EU is dead to. 350 ppl on at one time .You have to spam the chat channel to see if someone will help you some guy wait 3 hour for help he just give up and i’m not even going to try it.

I wonder if after the server merges & New World releases a new content patch, & people start coming back. Will it result in long queues & frustration again just like during launch?

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I can try to provide some suggestions on how to handle the merges if it’s not too late to change what’s going on behind the scenes.

To preface: I’m not very knowledgeable in how companies/territories are ran. Just a random dude with random suggestions.

Option one: War’s between existing province owners.
In this scenario, companies that own the same territory on the two servers will duke it out amongst themselves to keep control of their territory. I however can’t say how it can be handled. Possible, start off by disabling the two servers wars/invasions a few days prior to merging. Once the players are merged, you could immediately throw provinces into conflict with the two owning companies. On the topic of who defends/attacks, you could possibly have both companies compete in faction missions to collect the most favor for their choice. Also there’s a possibility of a best of 3 war, alternating who attacks/defends.

With this option, the whole process seems overly complicated but pretty cool in my opinion. However I don’t think the current state of the player base can holdout for this kind of event to be planned out and implemented. Also I imagine it would probably take manual hand in every scenario and not easily automated.

Option 2: Outpost rush deciding.
An easier way implementing something but is also fair for both companies. I’m not sure if you can set up OR for both companies cross server or if they would have to be merged first. Both companies can compete in a first to two or three series to decide the ownership of a territory using only members in their roster.

This is the most “fair” way but does not take advantage of existing fort upgrades earned by the companies. Any bias the map may have is negligible and can be the starting side can be alternated if there are multiple matches.

Option:3 Settlement scoring system

This one is interesting between servers that are roughly the same size. Have a contest that compares the two server’s towns/fort upgrades. This would require the help of other players of the same server to boost their favorite company/town(s) to compete with the other server’s by a deadline. If your company loses a town this way, you could possibly refund them based on the upgrades achieved with gold (just an idea).

This way, manually choosing what town stays and goes based on their performance is the only thing to moderate. Also, this will show if a server supports a given owner/territory or not. However, well established and organized companies would have an advantage but in that case they probably deserve the town over a company that is less than so.

Some closing thoughts:

You honestly can turn server migration into merging/diverging into a regular event/mechanic based on player population size. If the player base goes up, you can give an option to newer or power hungry companies migrate to a “New World” with a fresh slate. Starting the cycle all over again. I think this game could use some cross server interaction, especially in cases where one faction owns the entire map. Even if it’s just a small “raid/Player invasion” event. Whatever the case is, I hope you guys can come to a conclusion that satisfies as many people as possible.

Yes, you can even be a PvP care bear by always hiding in the Zerg or fighting only lowbies or those famous guard zone fighter.

I really do not envy what you guys will have to do to get merges to happen.

Merges in typical MMOs are pretty common. Problem we have in New World is territory ownership.
How do you determine who ends up in control of a particular territory when you mash 3 servers together for population purposes?
Does my Company just arbitrarily lose the zone we purchased on day 2 and have held to this day?
Lose it on a coin flip to a company from another server despite all the resources we put into upgrading it?
How will they handle settlement upgrades? If Everfall on 1 server has a T5 Forge and no Outfitter but the other server has an Outfitter at T5 but no Forge?

Merges are going to suck, for us and for you devs.

But what are the chances we could possibly get a devblog on merges and potential solutions to problems like the ones i described?


I’m in the same situation.

Rather I’d say that what you learned is that your definition of “real soon” differs from theirs :wink:. Personally I’d interpret it as a matter of weeks, not months. But to each their own.

You’re asking really good questions. Here are some thoughts on how I find it likely may/could be.

I’m hoping they come up with a way to “resolve” that conflict quickly, maybe as a 1-time fight or a short war of some sort. Otherwise, they might have to resort to resetting everything.

I think randomly attributing the territory to one of the companies would be the worse option.

What if they kept the highest level station of each? Would there be a downside to it, i.e. some higher cost of maintenance, etc.?

Looking at the last couple of de blogs, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll get one on that most important topic, too.

Just my 2 cents :wink: