We need server merges!

Not sure if they are able to see yours more than mine. I bet they get hundreds every seconds.

Mmmm’k, thanks Kay. It’s a corny joke, I know… :smiley: hugs

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It would be great if we can get paid transfers enabled asap, I don’t know how much more I can take of this game if I can’t play Outpost rush more than once a day…

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Great news,i know people are complaining :roll_eyes: i want to do that sometimes aswell but you know what we are going in the right direction with all the planned updates.

Just hope when they will merge the worlds to do that with a high population server and not with a similar low number because like that maybe you will have 10 peoples more online but I’m sure they know how to do it properly.

As an ending,great plans,great teem,good balance and great ideas and thanks for listening us.

Good job DEVS :clap::+1::ok_hand:

The server merges should have happened much faster.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no point in merging servers that have player numbers between 200 and 500. The results of this will not lead to more group activity.

Those left behind on these servers are usually solo players and bots. Concentrating such players will not lead to more group activity.

How do we participate exactly?

Can you give a shorter description for us? I want to help but I don’t care enough to read through the entire devblog as PTR stuff largely doesn’t interest me and never has.

I just need to know what time to be logged in and what to do.

Reading the dev blog they need round 2 of transfer before mergers

It says you cannot transfer once servers are merged. So i take it as if you and friends are on different servers and they get merged into a different one you are out of luck with joining friends again

If you’re only interested in helping us test the merge:

Create a character in the US East or EU Central PTR world.

Create a company, add some money to your treasury.

Put items in your storage.

Put up both buy and sell orders on the trading post (min 7 days for post)

Grab some quests/missions and make some progress on them. Don’t complete them yet.

Note the status of all those things before you log out.

Log back in on Monday after the merge.

What is the status of your character? We’re all items in the trading post returned to your inventory? Is there still money in your company treasury? Quests still in progress?

Complete one of the quests you made progress on.

Log off, wait at least 5 minutes. Log back in and make sure your progress has been saved.

If anything is off, post in the dedicated PTR merge thread that our Community Managers are setting up.


hey man, this happened to me the other day and i managed to fix it… i don’t know if this will work for you, but i would suggest having your friend try respawning at a different location. i was stuck in respawn screen for multiple re-loads and i kept trying to respawn at the same place… the second i picked a different respawn location, it worked and i was free!


I had read the developers said they were going to take faction numbers into account before merging servers.

Please ask them to give those of us who have transferred factions once already a freebie prior to server merges so we don’t get put on servers different from our friends. I just wanted to collect the different gear sets. (Landing on a different server from the people I’ve played with since launch would be too strong a pain point to continue playing.)

“we are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes.” Second round of transfers or paid transfers not until years end will have me leaving the game got to be honest

I bought New World so I could play with a mate in his company and that company moved because theres less than 200 players in the server (Emathia EU) most days. I joined the wrong server to begin with and quickly transferred leaving me unable to move to the new companies active server (Amenti). Dead servers with people left will kill the game and I dont get how this isnt a more urgent issue

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That’s not exactly what it says. We aren’t giving you another free transfer yet. If you haven’t used your transfer token yet from the first round of free tokens, that can be used any time, regardless of merge status for your world.

It also says we are targeting another round of transfers by end of year, and will keep folks updated.


What does this mean? “At this time we are not offering transfers to players after a world has been merged. This position may change as we learn more.”

So as long as we have an unused free transfer token whether it is the first or second transfer token, we can still transfer after servers are merged? A little confused. Why it says you guys are not offering transfers after world has been merged then?

Uh, that’s honestly horrible. Less than 300? Less than 600 barely has an economy or any gameplay. Why would you want to be stuck on a dead server?

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It means we aren’t offering a second free transfer immediately after the merge (something folks in the forums have been asking for). If you still have your original free token, you can use that at any time regardless of world merge status.


Can I pay for one ? I mean I just want to get back to playing with mates like im supposed to. Not a dead server.


not even on store for purchase? like we are stuck on a server that outpost rush is no existent , invasions cannot be defended not upkeep etc all our stations are getting downgraded and market is dead until the end of the year? at least put them in store and if u are afraid that ppl will use it to farm on dead server and transfer back to sell just put a cooldown of like 2-3 months on the token purchase


We are working through edge cases before we open server transfers back up. It’s covered in the post linked above too.


i see thank u for ur fast response and hope we get the chance to transfer soon

Thanks, Kay. :slight_smile:

Appreciate you clarifying that my saved token will be good to use.