We need server merges!

hey look here now, this is the easiest mmo i’ve ever experienced in terms of reward, gold gain, sources etc we’re all in massive abundance! don’t have a go at me for using a game mechanic, god I was only being honest :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT it’s not the case, I couldn’t sway the guild leader to do it and I don’t know any server that is, I’m just saying that’s what I would do.
You have to worry about 1 less “hardcore” player anyway, I hung in the towel, been a part of every war for our faction since launch, I was a LifeStaff user, a lovely and friendly support…like Roy Keane :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m simply not prepared to play a game that gifts everyone so heavily and then give me a super quiet outdoor experience, no outdoor company wars, no outdoor faction wars, no events in the world that require PvP, I’m forced to play a moba game called Outpost Rush + the odd war.

Enjoy the game, if it can be called that, games involve losers in my book…


Thanks man, good luck in your journey.

Im pretty sure that the lesser populated server in the merge loses all territory data.

How else could they possibly do this. We want merges and we DONT want crazy complex rocket science crap.

Use the block features. This game is basically f2p without a sub and it’s very easy for people to be toxic with all the PvP features. Block the undesirables and your life becomes immune to them.

The community team has spoken to this numerous times.

The HELL are you talking about?!
Outpost rush fixing/addition was one of the BEST things to happen in the last few weeks. Possibly at all - since launch.
You one of those who thinks this is a PVE game?
Its a PVP game. Every PVP addition/fixing = 100% needed and welcomed.
Every single thing in this game revolves around PVP. Its already sad enough that they created a “pvp toggle” to satisfy carebears, and removed many of the old PVP features - but the entire game’s function and purpose is still PVP, will always be PVP, and that is even why they built their own engine, to make it a PVP game engine.

Outpost Rush +9000
Server merges, or some solution to the massive player dump since launch? +1

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There are other ways to troll players.

I enjoyed my run to 60. Time for a break.

Oh look … an “I’m so tough” manly hairy arsed bogan talking about “care bears” again. Grow up.


Outpost rush has PvE in it.

Even before they added expeditions there was still NPCs, gathering and crafting, all PvE content. Face it it’s a mix bag with both PvP and PvE.

" PvP toggle " was added due to very very toxic PvP/PKing

Grow up


Ironically, carebear was a term we invented over 25 years ago…
Before you were born…
Theres nothing “tough” about playing pvp games. Its simply a preferred genre of game for many of us. It reveals your mental underdevelopment and immaturity that you think what you said however.


Every PVP game ever made has also had PVE.
You’ve clearly never played a pvp mmo, so your statements come from ignorance.

Shadowbane, DAOC, UO… go look them up. Plenty of PVE, yet they are designed from the ground up - and called - “PVP MMORPG”.
Cheers kiddo.

Sorry, I was around then when the term was coined and the term has always been a derisive one used by basement dwellers who think that playing a PvP game makes them a tough guy. I was hanging around PK HQ when the kiddies there thought that calling someone a carebear was the height of hilarity and wit.

pvp personified…

Just because you are still stuck on stupid that two years ago this game was a full loot PvP game they decided to change does not still make it a PvP game. It’s just a MMORPG with a bit of everything for all kinds of players. As wars for territory control does not look to have enough substance to hold players for the long haul I suspect more PvE will take it’s place.

Back to lobby games for your kind of toxic bunch.

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It’s a bit frustrating, many of us are holding out, just that atm, holding out.

The transfers went out in two waves, unintended of course.

Many people who went on the first wave (like myself) wanted to pick a medium pop server with better “balance” and to reinforce our faction in the wars. Big plus if friends were on it since they were unable to create characters where we came from.

Then a lot of the things happend with exploits and extreme lag and invincible exploit in wars and people get tired fast to not being given a fair chance to take regions not to mention that no bans went out to people abusing this.

Transfer wave 2 rolls out, and all big companies on said faction leaves the server for another one that they hope is better.

The rest of us, we who transfered mostly are now stuck on those servers, no where to go and getting more empty by each day. Our low levels on the servers barley can find people to do Amrine with, and as a underdog faction it simply costs me (a tank who carry tank gear everywhere + some harvesting gears and weapons) 261 azoth to travel to regions border to border almost.

I’ve never played a game that discourage you as much as this game to help low levels to progress with quests or just to jump in and help them defeat an enemy they cant kill.

We can’t do Outpost Rush, 4 people in queue for 13 hours. It’s no go, we can’t even fill half of a army for invasions anymore, the big remaining companies on the faction is only at war with each other and they are only taking turns on having territories (not actually fighting) so each and everyone can milk the rest of us so they can get as much gold before they are leaving too.

So yes, we are holding out, for now. But like you, there is never a moment where we don’t think about this, we are counting the hours go by.


Better start counting in months sadly

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Im just curious on how server merges are going to work with the owning of territory? How exactly are you guys going to merge servers when owning territories is a HUGE part of this game? Is one server just going to get screwed over and the other server is going to get to keep everything? Are both server just going to lose the territories and we have to buy them back? If the latter, how are you going to compensate the companies that have spent hundreds of thousands of gold on terrirories?

IMHO, not only merges will solve the player base renew flow… Games should have an income, considering the outcome…

I see a game in the past called 9Dragons dying because of two things… Hackers (exploiters, dupers, etc) and Endgame focus without marketing and mechanics to support new/mid gamers.

Ofc, this game took some years to “die” compared with the first to years, but the signals was there since the two first years, but they ignore… They even tried create areas with PVP-focus, but the number of speed hacks, potion dupes, etc made them revert the focus again to PVE

That’s it… PVE, Deep lore plus marketing investment (See what Riot and Blizzard are doing with LoL Universe, WoW and Diablo), Crafting, Collecting, Refining and Balancing are what give to any game a longterm perspective… That’s why many play The Witcher and expansions again again and again…

That said, I am not against PVP at all, but if AGS focus is PVP, they should remove flag, if not, and I hope they are not focused in PVP anymore, but in a TRULY mix, they should focus on what really entertains newbies that don’t have a gear, skills leveled, etc: PVE Content.

Endgame cant be the focus today (early stages after release) and just mix it with constant newbie/mid content as soon as they get stable with the release build. I mean, they should focus in the next years to create a game for everyone…

A roadmap would help us to understand what and when, Endgame or Newbie content, will be released and so…


Not sure why they even need to merge servers. Just take a few of the low pop servers and give them a expiration date and a free transfer out. Keep choppin the bottom servers out until its works. Nothing to test since transfers are working now.

What about guild leads? Are we working now to NW? We buy this to play when we want, where we supposed started…