We need server merges!

It’s getting to be too late.

You said you’d monitor free transfers to make sure they didn’t impact servers and mark servers as full.

That didn’t happen.

You are literally letting a situation present itself that is going to result in queue times on 3 - 5 servers consistently and dozens of dead servers.

I’ve done this before, I will not do it again.

Merge servers in the next 7 - 14 days or your game is dead. Unironically.

Right now, in this moment in time, if this is the best AGS can do - it’s simply not enough. Merge servers, fix loot tables, address all of the incompetent math behind the scenes in the game. Stop letting junior programmers or people unfamiliar with this game’s engine patch small things that just create new problems until the big picture is taken care of.


Hi, all I moved away from two different servers that we’re busy with 800+ wait times to log in and even longer at weekends it is just not practical for me. I now play on servers where I can get on with no wait times, I mainly play PvE so the player numbers are not as important to me. I appreciate that for PvP players big populations are important. I just do not have the time to spare waiting to log in to the game for which I often only have a short amount of time to actually play the game. Hopefully given time I am sure they will come up with a system that works for the hardcore players and the more casual players. Good luck to all still playing and enjoying the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems like I’m in the minority here. My server peaks at about 800-900 most nights, but I’m OK with that. I’m low level (47) but I’ve also put a lot of effort into grinding out trade skills, and I am also a part of a mostly 60’s guild, so I see a lot of what’s going on at level cap.

I intentionally chose a med pop server. After reading about the game, I didn’t want to wait in a queue. I didn’t want to fight for resources, but I didn’t want to be playing solo essentially.

On my med pop server, there is PvP, territories are constantly being challenged, and people get enough for OPR regularly during peak hours. It seems pretty vibrant.

At the same time, the grind for furnishing is already painful. The grind for Engineering & weapon smithing is boring AF. The amount of materials I go through is sickening. The price of the items like iron ore and iron bars are unaffordable to me.

I don’t mind grinding the mats too much, but I can’t imagine doing this is there were five or six people grinding mining at every viable farming spot. Already if there’s more than two people I have to go to a new area entirely, because I end up running around for half an hour getting nothing. At least in my case, if I realize there’s a couple other people in the area, I portal to a different territory/area and at least can farm there.

If my server pop was 2k (or more if they increase pop cap) every last one of those areas will have multiple people farming them. Yeah, sure, it’s supposed to respawn faster with more people, but my experience has been it doesn’t respawn fast enough for more than two people to farm the same area (even then that can be touchy).

I have no clue how I would grind out that much on a high pop server. If I got merged into a high pop server and discovered I couldn’t ever get mats for trade skills, I would give up at this point. The grind is almost unbearable, and running in circles for hours to get 100 iron ore would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Merge low-pop servers if you must, I can see how having so few players would be detrimental to the player experience. For the love of all that is holy though, PLEASE PLEAES PLEASE do not merge the med pop servers. Some of us are happier in this middle ground between nobody there and “can’t do [poop] because the place is overrun”

Please realize there’s many types of players, and a big change like this can affect our experience causing even more player bleed. The “low hanging fruit” here are the low-pop servers where you are experiencing player bleed. Merging those together (making med pop servers) is a good first step. Like good science, you can make tiny changes, observe, and adjust further if need be.

Hey there,

I would advise you to focus getting to lvl 60 as more zones will be reachable for you and you can start raising your watermark, after you start doing chest runs on a daily basis you will have much more income and you wont be stuck just doing trading skills up to get some gold.

Go ahead with the merges. The initial launch hype is over and population needs to be higher to support longer hours of concurrently high player counts, especially for the sake of Outpost Rush queues, unless you make OPR regional over multiple servers.

The longer you wait, the more advantage you are gonna give companies and players from low pop servers to farm uncontested and faster before they are merged. Sooner the better because of this reason I would think.

Also, if you are still planning to push server capacity higher in the future, how else are you going to continue to get an abundance of data on high server loads to help improve the experience for higher server populations.

Overall, if an update brings back high server queues that ruin the experience for a large portion of players, then issue another wave of free server transfer tokens for those servers again. I cannot think of one reason not to merge that is relevant enough to mention (besides a few minor complaints some could think of).

It’s interesting because with their current model they’ve set themselves up for tons of headaches.

If they merge servers it fixes a very -now- problem, but creates a repeat of a past, and realistically future, issue.

Any major content patch they hype up and hope to push out to reignite interest in the game will create the not-enough-servers issue they had at launch. Which means either players have to migrate servers AGAIN and potentially give up their play groups or idle through long queues. That sort of yo-yo behavior sounds like a nightmare and I don’t have an elegant solution at the moment.

my server peaks 300 on the weekends. I have played on 3 different servers even on high population servers about 1 in 25 flag. So on my server it’s me and I only have 11 other people to PvP with. Something is hugely wrong.

Honestly, it’s time to merge the servers. It’s no one’s fault, the game had a lot of hype, the only thing that could have been avoided was the total server size being 2,000. Either way, now that the initial hype has subsided you need to merge the servers to retain the players you have and slowly open new servers as needed. Focus on retention at this point, good retention will bring new players etc.

Your reply didnt really help or answer anything , talking about random pvp points and population of different servers has nothing to do with who owns what and what happens to the work stations . They are all very important questions on server where we have actually seen war daily and invasions non stop we have faught and worked hard to keep all of our stations T5 . So if they are going to be reset it would be nice to know so people can start collected items to power levels stations again .

this is what a server with little population looks like, I still have no response from any developer.


To be fair, even with 50 people the invasions are just about a joke to successfully win. Wish a dev would step in somewhere.

An update from the developers will help a lot and give the existing players more hope to stay on with the game

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I agree but they need to merge until mid/ high pop. At most 1200 people or else we will have queues at the next update.

Problem with this would be that only one company can own a town, so how are you going to decide who loses their town on merge. Either way people are going to be pissed off.

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Well the game also need larger server caps. 2k is extremely low for a modern MMO.

WoW 10 years ago had higher server caps…

One big reason for large server caps is so the game isn’t dead during off-hours, weekdays, etc.

The server should be populated at all times not just weekends and after work hours.

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there are literally worlds with less than 100 players right now mine is just over 100 and peaks at around 250.

players are quitting the game because they cannot form groups for content and factions cant even get enough players together to even attempt to take a territory.

203 eu servers and only 7 over the 1000 player mark and that might rise to 10 -15 servers at peak times

How near is “near future?”

Mergers do need to happen at some point.

I think that a possible “equitable” solution for merging is to give everyone on low-pop servers a special transfer token. Once given:

  1. Lock out any server that would “go away” after the merge or any server that is already high in population.
  2. Give everyone (X) amount of time to move
  3. On the date promised, move anyone who didn’t transfer to random servers.

This would do a couple of things. First of all, it would allow people to go to the servers they wish. No forced transfer unless you didn’t move yourself by the end date. Secondly, it would give those Companies who have territories time to take their money and run, so to speak. They would be able to move en masse to another “allowable” server with the funds to mount an assault on territories there.

Finally, I recommend compensation to those who have to move, given BEFORE the merge, and it needs to be something “worth it” and not just a skin or potion. I am talking about gold or marks here… or maybe a housing tax relief for (x) amount of time.

Merges are never fun. Making it as equitable as they can goes a long way to smoothing some feathers.

That is happening on multiple servers for the Amrine quest. Solid indicator the playerbase has been achieved and they are occupied with their own objectives. Sad when the game has been out for soo little time a late buyers can not even progress the game.