We need the support of AGS

As everyone knows,…

the developers :hear_no_evil: listen to us, they :speak_no_evil: answer our questions regularly, and they :see_no_evil: have the same views as us on everything that could make the game enjoyable for the whole gaming community…

More seriously, I don’t think they really realize that outside of the game, we are their main support.

That’s why they should support us in turn by promoting communication.

There are a lot of questions that are essential to the survival of this game that deserve clear and precise answers from them.

Answering them would guarantee them to extend the list of those who still believe in their game.

Hoping that this message will reach the right people with my best regards.

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Do you have any specific questions you think need answering? It is helpful if you want someone to listen to have questions to ask if you catch their attention :slight_smile:

That won’t be possible. Try again later.

AGS thanks you for your patience.


Im sure someone from the team will pass this idea up the chain soon, they’ll get back to you.

We are their main support but the forums are not the main source of ‘us’ and they’ve been very clear about that I think.

Dodging hard questions and passing off the buck has been kinda par for their course until now. I don’t expect them to change.

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As it stands, if they don’t change their communication system and answer some of the tough questions, it will only further tarnish their company’s image in the gaming industry.
This is very serious, as it will greatly penalize all their future releases.


One would think their image is important but there’s no evidence suggesting they care even slightly. I think as long as anyone consumes the product, they won’t ever care deeply enough to change.

II think we should not forget that New World is above all a huge project which has occupied a large number of collaborators for several years and which represents tens of thousands of hours of work done with passion. It is a game that is normally destined to live a few good years and that should finally get AGS out of the spiral of successive failures in the video game field.
A too early release, a lack of mastery of their game engine, too presumptuous game decisions have scuttled it but have not sunk it yet.
So I would be very surprised, if by any chance their game continued to lose players, if they could say “stop” without flinching when looking at the bundles of dollars that have been earned.

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