We play a game where fair players are penalized AGS!

Those who do dupe are banned with 1 lvl account. Those who buy dupe items from the market get rich. Now you are telling us, report it and do nothing. Roleback must come, that’s the only solution. As long as people who encounter such a situation and benefit from this situation from afar are not punished, it is a pity for the players who play with love and not using the game vulnerabilities.


Im not saying they are right, they surely arent. But I do understand their frustration, anger, point of view.

It’s so wrong when ppl bought event items like Turkey Leg stacks of 100+, EVERYBODY knew those are duped. Yet bought them for 10-30 gold and selling them for 600-900 gold. Now multiply this with 100 or 1000.
When Amazon are fixing a dupe, they should delete duped items or track the dupers on all their accounts where they move the money.

Cuz otherwise will just encourage more and more ppl to buy a new account wait for a dupe method, abuse it with no limits and move money slowly to main account. Sure they will get banned on ‘second’ account, but on this process they will make 500.000+ gold or even 1 mil+ gold easily. Does it worth 1 mil gold for 30-40$? Majority will answer with YES.


Bro you gotta chill

Maybe it’s bigger than we think, maybe they need to spent some time tracking every item and every player who knowingly took part in the dupe.

Plus it’s the weekend. I’d suggest to try and stay away from this dupe and not buy the items you think are duped. Then maybe we’ll get some more info on it on Monday.

you know, even without dupe, you will always be behind someone who have more gameplay time than you. It’s just how mmo are working.

You guys are over optimistimic. Think like this, there are too many rich people so we can let thiefs can do whatever they want without any punishment.

OFC its not real life but this game is a place like a real life. Most of us spending too many hours for this game.


Even with my 2k hours time played i swear i will take advantage of any exploit or dupe i see next time



You do you boo

I’d rather play the game and know that my progression is from myself and not via anything bannable.


I haven’t took this game serious after AGS allowed the cheater to profit the 2nd time from this. This is now the 5th or 6th time these cheaters will be able to profit from duping.

The worse thing is that when you go to PvP. You’ll have to face those cheaters armed with only a plastic knife that you are grinding hard to improve. Meanwhile the cheaters get gifted hellfire missiles and such.

I totally feel pity for those legitimate players who still play this game.


Unfortunately i’m one of them and i feel so bad because of this. so many people said to me buy something from tp but i refused it. Now the items still exist and people are using them.



Normally I spend time on trade post. I went and bought nothing because there was a dupe. This time, I truly believed that they would come with a just solution. Disappointed once again

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They are deleting post that are telling players that AGS did not take away duped items from players who bought them before they turned the TP off.

I just uninstalled the game and will never look back. They are letting all the players to keep the duped items and sell them.

So in 1 day they made more than most players who have played since day 1,


I expected TP to be down for weeks and was really surprised how they could ban the dupers, track and remove the duped items and re-enable TP so fast. Now I know.

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I know people that switched money with the +400k bug via trading post, bought houses and got away with it. It is what it is… We cant change it anymore, the economy was doomed ages ago. Still dont know how a game designer can sit in front of a camera and tell the people: Hey guys, economy is fine! no its not dude. it never was

As I understand it, developers are sleeping now and they don’t care what happens on their servers

Yeah I had a good laugh when he said economy is fine with a straight face … .
Nevertheless they are not going to fix anything, anytime soon.
It’s rather impossible for them to clean it all up, if they roll back now many will leave once more.
Those that abuse everyting are going to lose intrest soon in the game… not much to do when you have 500k and shitload of things like asmodeum… .

Bleeding more players … last thing this game needs.

How many do you think will quit that didnt bought anythin? That point of view doesnt make any sense… Would you rather keep a community of cheaters or fair people?

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@Duderinoo Judging from a corporate standpoint. Cheaters will buy multiple copies of the game. A honest person will buy the game once. Because they don’t have duping accounts that are getting banned. So if I was a cold hearted calculating business. I’ll sell out to those who will make me the most money. Then later on ban those people. So they’ll buy more accounts to do it over again.

Actually while we are going down this road. Remember I’m only here for the money. I will also sell my game’s gold and boosting services on unofficial sponsored websites. After all if I’m one of the Devs for the game. Why would I ban my own bot. Even if one of the other Devs ban it, no big deal I can just change the database and make it look like a new bot.

Quick short term profits all the way in this day and age. Capitalism and self interest lobbyism. Welcome to the New Age BABY!

That would work if the game had a great playerbase,not in this case…In this case you’ll continue to lose players that play fair and stick with a couple of people gold capped…this Is a multiplayer game and need multi PLAYERS to survivor…not multi ACCOUNTS.