We play a game where fair players are penalized AGS!

As I understand it, developers are sleeping now and they don’t care what happens on their servers

Yeah I had a good laugh when he said economy is fine with a straight face … .
Nevertheless they are not going to fix anything, anytime soon.
It’s rather impossible for them to clean it all up, if they roll back now many will leave once more.
Those that abuse everyting are going to lose intrest soon in the game… not much to do when you have 500k and shitload of things like asmodeum… .

Bleeding more players … last thing this game needs.

How many do you think will quit that didnt bought anythin? That point of view doesnt make any sense… Would you rather keep a community of cheaters or fair people?

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@Duderinoo Judging from a corporate standpoint. Cheaters will buy multiple copies of the game. A honest person will buy the game once. Because they don’t have duping accounts that are getting banned. So if I was a cold hearted calculating business. I’ll sell out to those who will make me the most money. Then later on ban those people. So they’ll buy more accounts to do it over again.

Actually while we are going down this road. Remember I’m only here for the money. I will also sell my game’s gold and boosting services on unofficial sponsored websites. After all if I’m one of the Devs for the game. Why would I ban my own bot. Even if one of the other Devs ban it, no big deal I can just change the database and make it look like a new bot.

Quick short term profits all the way in this day and age. Capitalism and self interest lobbyism. Welcome to the New Age BABY!

That would work if the game had a great playerbase,not in this case…In this case you’ll continue to lose players that play fair and stick with a couple of people gold capped…this Is a multiplayer game and need multi PLAYERS to survivor…not multi ACCOUNTS.

Who are we kidding? I’m willing to bet the at least 95% of the “players” left in the game are cheaters and bots. And that’s being generous.

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I dont think so and i dont consider anyone that bought duped items cheaters. Its just not fair that someone that took advantage of a situation can keep all items and gold with no effort, while all the people that didnt want to do it to play fair just keeps on griding. Its just a stupid situation, i used to love the game but with the way they handled this i might not return. Not because of the gold or the rabbits I dont care…i just lost faith and trust

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When in Rome do what the Romans do!

Is the team working on remove that item too ?

maybe that’s because EU has triple players than US?? lol dumb

they dont want to say anything about it for sure. they want us to forgot this situation but i won’t let. Will keep this post on trends as long as i can.

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This is terrible **** again for all traders. It is very evident that there are lots of dubed items in the tradeposts across the servers. for example powerful honing stones were 200-240 daily before the dube. Now that the buying opened and has been going for a while the price is still 146 and at 147 coins there is listed 8 full stacks of 100 honing stones. Would be very easy for AGS to see these dubed items in trade posts especially when pointed out straight at them. Most of the cheaters just got rich again. What a fun for the trading.

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They have there bot auto-response team on the weekends, My server was not duped at all. I have check every item on the AH and there is nothing even close to how I have seen AH’s posted on here that is full of dupe items. Yes I play US East.

Feel bad for the servers who are infected with dupe items for sale.

Economy is wrecked but rollback would punish everyone who logged in and made any progression in the time since the patch launch (introduction of dupe bug) whenever that happened. So punish everyone with rollback, or deal with the cheater accts and find a way to fix economy.

I have made an ingame report too. With very little effort they could remove most of the dubed items from markets especially when pointed out like I did in ingame report. Powerful honing stones have been for a long time 200 between 240 coins. Now there is 8 * 100 stacks posted at 147 coins. Another 800 honing stones (100 stacks) over 150coins. It has been very very rare to see even one 100 stack of powerful honing stones in TP as they are not cheap to craft and margin for profit is thight. Whoever is posting multiple 100 stacks at 146 / 150+ is absolutely abusing the duped items, doesn’t matter if they duped them themself or bought the dubed items that were as low as 80 before the TP closed. I have now between 42 000 to 63 000 worth of coins sitting in powerful honing stones that I crafted with hard work by investing a lot of coins and time to set buy orders and all the time getting the fire/water motes and obsidian voidstones.

No roll back needed. If I knew the NW database schematics I could easily do the SQL query for AGS that will filter out the users that suddenly got 800 powerful honing stones and at what price did they buy them and what they are selling them for. Or if they simply dubed them. There are lots of legit trade orders in from the time BEFORE duping started. Would again be very easy to write SQL query to compare which items are now at half price or even 10% of the price compared to the prices listed right before dubing.

All it requires is a little bit of database digging and removing the very obviously dubed items. If the price is only marginally dropped and it is uncertain if the items were duped, let those slide. But get on those that are so obvious and pointed out by traders.

Why ended this post @Standor ?

This is exactly why at the launch of the game and from there forward AGS should have took better and stricter action. People that normally wouldn’t take part in exploits change their own mindset to “exploit early, exploit often.” All because there wasn’t enough punishment and action to remove exploited stuff from the beginning.

Wish I could have duped those orbs when I was playing. Just saying

It’s not bigger than we think. We already think it IS HUGE. Turkey legs for 30, honing stones for 80 etc etc. They only concentrated on fixing the dupe, and don’t give crap about the cheaters or economy. Surely AGS would have had the power to put another team to remove dupes and dubers while the transfers were still disabled. They enabled the trades again and every second it becomes harded and harder to track down the dubed items. It really is not rocket science to write database queries like who got 100+ or maybe even 1000+ turkey legs while the dube was active. Those are very rare. Also they can very easily check the prices of powerful honing stones like 2-3 days BEFORE the tube and if someone bought or sold 100+ or 1000+ honing stone with <80 coins, you know they are dubed. Price has constantly been 200+ coins for a long time. It takes 1 person to write simple query and then more people to go over different servers. They had like couple of days to do it. But no, there are still a lot of obviously dubed items in market with 100 stacks each sell order.


It should be easier than that. Every single item in game should have a unique identifier. Duping an item would give it the same identifier. So they just have to query for items that have more than one of the same identifier.

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