We really need merchands/vendors

the economy is very poor so we need vendors where you can buy and sell things, prices will be fixed so the economy would improve significantly

any kind of vendors will be magnet to the botters, and the economy will be totally destroyed

This is a strawman argument at best. Essentially every other MMO has trash vendors that set a price floor for everything and not only do they not destroy the economies, they do a lot to improve things by preventing the insane deflation we’re currently seeing in NW. In addition to this, I’ll point out that there is a market for gold sellers as a direct result of how difficult it is to get gold in NW. If we accept that they will always be there to some degree (to my knowledge no MMO has ever successfully eliminated gold sellers), the best way to diminish their impact is by making gold easier to acquire, thereby cutting deeply into the demand for gold bought from illicit sources. After all, why take all of the risks associated with buying from a gold seller if you can farm up your own gold just fine?

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Also if they really want to curb gold sellers then make it so companies governing towns cannot use tax for anything except for upkeep/upgrades for the town it was collected in.

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