We really need necromancy and i have an idea

My idea is Necromancy could raise the bodies of players that get killed as a temp npc to fight with you. im not sure if it would be possible im sure it would cause lag but if they could find away around fixing the lag for it. it would be amazing. what are your thoughts and please be gentle lol

im sure its entirly possible.

convert dead body into npc ghost brute ala outpost rush.

also adding to this.

focus dex based tamers bag. lets you play ranger subclass.

summon wolves to fight with you. with eventual high enough perk to have beasts ignore you.

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Holy crap, you just made me realize: The whole game is necromancy; everything that dies comes back to life, perpetually.

i still think we are in magical south/central America and azoth is the cursed fountain of youth.

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oh goodness i didnt think you would go that far.

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This is an interesting idea! But how would you go about implementing it? Are you thinking of another trait line on the life staff, if that’s possible, or perhaps a new weapon that raises and controls the dead… a kind of death staff? O.o

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1 handed death wand. would be pretty cool.

primary mode of damage could be stacking hexes and debuffs, some life steal, ultimate ability turning undead around you as mobs and people drop. (limited obviously) could be fun.


i said be gentle man now my soft feelings are hurt lol good point but it would still be fun

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maybe a necro staff or something or yeah i like that the death staff with skulls all over it

No thanks

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