We still need a thorough explanation of regular Luck with actual numerical examples

The best explanation of regular, non-gathering Luck we’ve gotten so far is in Update on Current Issues #2 here:

And it’s lacking, which is causing a lot of confusion and conflicting information amongst the playerbase.

In the dev explanation, we are told:
There are collections of equipment that live at different general probabilities: a “Common” set, “Family” sets, and “Elite” sets.

Ok. Cool. What are those general probabilities?
If I have zero Luck, what are the ranges or average chance of items in each of these categories?
Actual numerical values, please.
If I have 20% Luck, how much does that increase my chance of an item from each of those categories?
Actual numerical values, please.

Very importantly, are you certain that explanation and the code that incorporates a player’s Luck into drop rolls are consistent? Because there are other places that make me concerned that might not be the case (e.g. armor type bonuses, which should be separate multiplicative bonuses and always providing their full value, are clearly additive with other bonuses, reducing their effect the more bonuses you have).

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