We Told You In The PTR Bow Was Overpowered

Bow is ridiculous and everyone knows it. Hitbox is so large you don’t even have to aim. Deals way too much damage, and also has a lot of burst damage now since the ability weaving is so smooth now. Nerf this stupid shit or keep losing players.


static Monster, alot of debuffs ik


11k dps…
88k Dmg in 8 Seconds…
Dang :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nerf bow again and you lose even more players.


And?;D boss have max stac of rend, so its make sense do alot dmg with bow ;D

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Cant tho that much with any other weapon, even if they are 625 Gs, my Fs for example.
While my bow there was 620…

They just need to buff some other weapons like they did to the bow. No more nerfs please.


Feel like people don’t really get that Bow should be a DPS\Mobility weapon.
Bow was bad and you used to ignore it, now it’s good. overall good. not OP.

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I think it’s slightly op, but very dependent on meta. There are fewer heavy healers and heavy bruisers now more than perhaps any other time in the game’s history… This, with the buffs, make bow seem over-tuned. I don’t think it’s as godly as most think.

I think if they reduce the hit box slightly and put more damage back into heavies, it’ll be in a good spot.

Let’s also not forget that bow has the most useless weapon perks of any weapon and only really works with light armor.

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Because corrupted are weak to thrust and Arcane… Really poor example.

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ik, guess why i use sapphire gems… :smiley:
even on the bow… which does increase the dmg there ( more then diamond )

Except your wrong.

Yea good one mate, literally there was no one using bow before it got buffed. All the die hard legolas players quit long ago. Bow players will be fine with having a weapon that has historically been underpowered, to now being overpowered, and then hopefully nerfed to where it is balanced but still better than what it originally was.

Because corrupted is weak to bow and neutral to fire. Bow has always done well in invasions.

You were wrong then and you are still wrong now.

Yeah i think that too its slightly overpowered. Saying this from another ranged’s perspective, as a musketeer Im like the main target for them and they are to me so im fighting them a lot, and my only problem is the spamming. Having bigger hitbox and shooting this fast together is a bit too much, out of the two only one should have been added.
Like, hiding behind covers where maybe the top of your head sticks out is not even worth it anymore, because even if they shoot above my head the arrows are still hit me.
In the open in mid ranges its almost impossible to beat a decent bow player, the new ones are beatable but the better ones are even in long range is a challenge where they shouldn’t be more effective than a musket. And Im talking about the low con bow players, 150-200con players are simply unkillable in a 1v1 fight with musket, this weapon is just unable to keep up with the bow’s health and dmg out put ratio.

also they can run 300/200 build which makes them way tankier then the muskets crappy 300/150/50 must have build.

right now a good bow/spear player is basically a high damage high mobility bruiser cc mashine

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Well people put on a rapier and they have good damage now, good mobility since they go light, plus good sustain because rapier has everything but yeah this is balanced right?

It’s not that bow is over powered, its about that other weapons are under powered :slight_smile:

I was tryhard legolas or I wanted to be.

But bow was a so slow af weapon that mid armor players recovered almost all stamina used to dodge between my shots. So I had to shoot at people that did not look at me. Even this was or still is easy to dodge because of the swoosh sound that an approaching arrow makes. Some are so good in this “random dodges” that I think they running some sound trigger macro for this. But playing the PnCer for a few days now shows there are just have some Spider senses or sth. like that.

However. I am fine with another slightly nerf of the hitbox and maybe tune the damage down a bit to compensate for the faster fire rate.

They just have to give the bow sth. to be relevant in wars.

The bow still struggles to justify its presence in war. It really isn’t all that when you encounter players who run proper setups, be it in war, OPR or Arenas. But yeah it’s a nice PUG stomper in small scale pvp - take that away and it’ll just be useless across the board again.