We would like some proof (unfair play and toxicity towards AGS)

There is a lot of negativity/distrust towards AGS with regards to dupes/cheats/hacks/aimbots/bots/exploits.

We see a lot of messaging about things getting done to solve these issues.

No player today trusts AGS and the commitment to reduce/remove unfair play.

The players themselves see no real reflection in what is being said by AGS only increasing distrust. This recent Dupe is proof. Even though they have mentioned banning/fixing the dupe the TP is still rammed with duplicated goods. We still see tons of node camping by what is definitely bots. We still see some musket/bow players with 100% accuracy. We constly see people in OPR using exploits (especially speed) and when the exploit gets removed those players who were doing it will openly complain about its removal but get zero punishment for using it for an entire month.

To increase trust it would be great if AGS could communicate with the community some real statistics about these things. For example with the latest dupe. How many people/companies were banned perm/time? Why are we still seeing duped items on the market? How much gold was removed from the economy? etc

Fair play is important to most regular players. We need to feel like there is a point to playing the game normally and not just exploiting every single bad mechanic that comes out of a patch. Please help us rebuild some trust so that we can count on the above-mentioned unfair players will be punished accordingly and it’s not just PR when you mention it in the updates.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback is appreciated.
Your feedback is being reviewed and sent to the team for further review.
You are important to us. You are being listened to.

See you in Aeternum!


Ahhh someone got the ban hammer and is now gaslighting the forums. AGS stepped up quick to resolve the problem good job devs.

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Lol dead game


Don’t worry, despite communication and customer representation being noted weak points of AG, people will happily disparage your point with ad hominem because actually having the discussion about their atrocious outsourced CS is not now, and has never been on the table.

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Ah thanks man, this is my first time using the forum and it is just rammed with trolls, like the fella above. 450 posts and most of it trolling drivel. Looks like AGS has got not only an issue in the game but on the forums as well. I guess this post will just get lost in the void but appreciate your comment dude.

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Game is exploit/bug fest.
You have one decision to make:
A) You are into that - so next time there is new exploit - abuse the hell out of it and be happy
B) Leave game

There is no in between. We have been proved numerous times that exploiters go unpunished. So apparently that’s the way this games supposed to work.

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And the dev team could had prevent this exploit all together but they seem to be literally learning coding in the recent days for the first time so obviously it was patched live … as it’s tradition of the game by now.

If you can’t trust them to code the game properly , do you really want them to be overly competent at getting rid of the complete mess they caused in the 1st place? If it was an accident maybe…

And btw if you think they did a top notch job at fixing the previous dupes you are dreaming. Some dupes they caused required FBI governmental intervention level to be completely fixed without a server’s rollback. So there’s that.

Here's what the quality manager thinks of the latest update btw:

The best hope I got is that they’re aware, but are focusing on things they can reach, like gameplay elements, both adding and improving.

I think they know their CS needs replacing, but they might be stuck in a contract. It may also be an issue they’d prefer to deal with under a more tight infrastructure, or when they have a separate team to move right in so as to not create any ‘dead space’ where they just don’t have a team on customer support.

For now, all we can do is play ball with their embarrassing CS as they are. It sucks, it’s a zero sum game and it makes you (us, the customers) feel like gum on AG’s shoes. But until they’ve got a better solution it’s all we can do.

Going forward, keep screenies of spicy chats you partake in publically, and know silence is the better policy. As far as I can tell, their CS just ctrl-f for choice profanity and they look for anything and then ban, regardless of context or time posted. So, if you ever end up afoul of them, it’s basically a guaranteed ban, and then because they manage multiple games you basically get blown off by someone for whom English may be a third or even fourth language, so you get some embarrassing moments like the classic ‘League of Legends FAQ copypaste’ moment.

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