Wealth transfer disabled twice now. Wheres the compensation?

I don’t necessarily care about the compensation, but I do care about the sunk costs of not earning any money during these times. My house taxes are still ticking away, my trading post timers are still ticking down and I’m not making any money from my trades, not to mention I rely heavily on the market to do crafty stuff. I’d prefer if they just paused all that stuff until the trading posts come back online.

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make the game better by making the game unplayable? yeah that’s real smart.

Why would they warn people that they are shutting off trade?? IF they did that then the dupers would go hard at it before shutoff

Kids these days are so efing entitled.
Trading post lock out are caused by us players. The bad apple amoung the bunch. The audacity to ask for compensation is ridiculous.
Devs locked out trading for our own good. Dont be that entitled little karen.

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If you wanna call me entitled for wanting to be able to play the game i payed for the way its intended to be played then yeah im entitled. I wanna be able to trade and actually give people items to help out my cause of holding a town. I still have to pay my taxes and i still have to upkeep towns. Last time this happened, my company lost 100k in upgrades because of not being able to pay taxes. All i wanna do is play the game and get compensation to get back what i lost unfairly

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Do you notice the problem in your reply.
Its all i this, i that, i want, i need, me, me me.
There are numerous town owners, but if disabling trading post means better for the entire community then so be it.
The game is intended for fair play, but when some people decided to exploit, this is what happens.
The world does not revolve around u, just suck it up and take the loss like everybody else.

You get 4 week of free game time as compensation enjoy!

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you in Aeternum!

Casually losing millions of gold across servers and losing things to do for most players isnt something you just take on the chin twice and be ok with it. Some players literally just play new world to farm and craft and play the market. What do they do in these times? The entire market just gets disabled and they cant play. War’s still happen too. Are you saying that companies that dont stockpile every single item they need for war (on every one of their members since trade is disabled) should just be at a disadvantage since they cant buy the attribute food? Many territories shift in this time just because they cant afford the war boost food and honing stones.

Just compansate companies with teritorries and auctioners that had items on sell.
Nothing more.

Lol you must be a millenial.

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I understand what youre saying.
But lets suppose they dont disable trade, let’s suppose they let it run while duped items are still being traded. Im pretty sure youd still cry and complain why they didnt disable market and allows the economy to go to shet.
They can never please everyone, please be more understanding, devs are doing us a favor for disabling trade before more dmg be done to.

Now, they alrdy updated saying that compensations will be handed out to companies that have lost coins/upgrades due to this. But only to companies that holds territories.
Suppose everyone is like you, should we all cry about the amount of coins weve lost to tax by listing goods in market?
Im pretty sure ive lost 3k alone the last couple days.

How can someone be so greedy. When they’re doing us a fav by freezing the economy, preventing it to go to shet, and ure here asking for compensation. Like have some gratitude

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EAC is the gold standard of Anti-Cheat. What other options do you suggest?

Penniless Beggar emote and Clown Costume coming soon.

Pausing the timers, that is the first real good idea that i think is doable.

Then opinions are strongly divided because on the other sites I’ve red that many communities that are into cheating have many topic about how to bypass EAC. Also my personal experience with EAC with other titles I’ve played aren’t positive.

They probably forgot that they already promised a compensation the first time the ah was taken down:

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No thats not what im getting at at all. I dont care that they disabled the market, I know they had to do that to stop the spread of duped items. Im pissed that they didnt stop taxes, wars, upkeep etc. Had they done that I wouldnt be asking for compensation. They also have been promising things left and right and havent delivered yet. Remember the housing glitch where a house gets deleted and all items in the storage chest got deleted. They promised a fix and compensation over 3 weeks ago and there is no word on it.

Hi Devs! First thank you for this beautiful game. I know you are working out kinks and I get it. I wanted to ask a few questions.

  1. Will you be compensating players for their loss on the market (both trading post down times)?

  2. Will you be compensating players for their housing taxes?

Clarification on Questions #1: I post alot on the market as many players do and there is a listing fee associated with that post. When the market goes down and we are unable to sell our goods and the listing expires we then lose our funds.

Clarification on Questions #2: When we are unable to sale our items on the market we are also unable to maintain wealth to pay or taxes. I understand there is Outpost Rush but on some servers is not very active or some players don’t enjoy it.

Possible solution: when there is trading post downtime, put a freeze on housing taxes and items on the market expiring or there posting time from being used. Also put a freeze on Corruption Invasion and Wars to mitigate having to compensate towns for loss of stations.

Again thank you for the game I love it, but I am a bit frustrated with the loss of wealth but do understand that there will be glitches to work out. Hoping for a viable solution for us little people.



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