"Wealth Transfer Enabled" Post Discussion

Yeah go ahead and don’t read the whole conversation. Just jump in with both feet and attack, just what this game needs more aggressive toxicity right?


I hear they were banning people. That is all I wanted. I want them banned, their parents banned, their useless offspring banned, but leave their pets.

yay, ad hominems that are off topic in a passive aggressive attempt to claim some kind of moral superiority after getting called out for setting up strawmen


There is a specific dev/cm response on what they are considering located here:

How tf am i strawmanning or whiteknighting? I dont think you even know what half the words you spout mean.


I’m not Luxendra, but i do have a brain and a reading comprehension above that of a first grader. Maybe before asking a question about a response, you should read the info given where it clearly states in both the post about the wealth transfers going down… AND AGAIN in the post about bringing it back, that there would be a “make-good”… AKA (Also known As) compensation…


I don’t give a damn what they do as long as they stop doing patches when most of us are playing the game. 8:00PM Pacific? The night just started you turds, does Bezos go to bed at Dinner?


How hard is it to understand due? Their adding things in to prevent a gold dupe that should have been added in closed beta… takes time to add the additional programming to all the servers.

And once it’s on the server it has to be tested.

dont worry, the gold sellers will have run their QA tests by thursday night and everything will back to “normal”

Problem is how much had already been transferred. I doubt its a clean wash and people will still come out ahead.

We have had how many dupes in last week ?


What is fun about this game at 60?

List 5 things?

And this game launch is slightly better then Final Fantasy 14.

Took that team a stupid amount of money to reboot that game.

Yeah they need to take down LIVE servers and GIVE us a PTS Realm to test with.

This is nonsense and could have been avoided with this:

I don’t think a PTS would help them respond faster. It would simply add an extra step between them and fixing the live server.

A PTS doesn’t help if the current live servers are in an unplayable/unsustainable state. It simply adds an extra step adding MUCH extra time. Once the live service is in a stable state, then a PTS makes sense.

You are asking them to do extra work that isn’t warranted at the current time.

Could you explain why you think one would - including how it wouldn’t be adding an unnecessary step in-between the current process?

dude, they break more things than they fix, they need an extra step between test and live

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@dealdrick yes absolutely I rather them fk up a PTS server then screw with the LIVE one

Its a win win if you play PTS as most MMO usually give you free buff and stuff so you can run free breaking things and reporting them.

Its the ultimate sandbox

Since when has the live service been in a sustainable state since launch? WE are the PTS. Until a stable service exist – they need to fix it.

I would be down for a PTS if they decided to shut down the servers until the PTS resulted in a stable version.

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you’re gonna have to define “sustainable” before that loaded a$$ question can even be approached