Weapon Aptitude Rewards!?

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but if not, i think it would be cool to start getting rewarded for using your weapons after lvl 20 is achieved and gaining aptitude rewards after so many xp.

Similar to current aptitude rewards for harvesting, logging etc.

Maybe the tick mark would have to go all the way around to get a reward.

And maybe the rewards could be the materials it takes to make that weapon like a couple ori ingots, wood, steel etc. Plus a gypsum

Any other ideas on this would be great, thanks

I have the opposite sentiment, I think it would NOT be cool to offer up those option. You are done leveling and now you use your points you’ve acquired to formulate a build at max lvl. This build is then used to acquire gear and expertise from 500-600. That is your “aptitude wheel”.

The reason trade skills and harvesting professions have the aptitude boxes is because they have no meaningful progression after reaching cap. All they can do is craft/harvest so these activities should provide some kind of reward for their continued efforts.

Using YOUR WEAPON/SKILLS FOR COMBAT however is practically 80% of this game. Every action you take has a bevy of rewards attached whether it be Arenas, Expeditions or Elite Chest Runs. You engage in combat related activities and get rewards consistently. Asking for more is just redundant double dipping that undermines the attention given to crafters/gatherers.


So are you saying that there is no more room for rewards in this game?

I understand where you are coming from but i DONT think it would be “double dipping” like you mentioned, it is just another idea to get people to use different weapons and different builds as you also mentioned.

And how would gaining a few iron ingots or ori in any way affect

at first i was ok with it but the more i think about it.

it would fundimentally lock people into the same build forever.

i would be better if there were no aptitude for weapon skills. if there was one it should drop some whatever stuff or maybe charms at best.

but better to not. otherwise GA people will just keep running GA forever instead of trying out new stuff. like the spear that would instantly make tempest a breeze.

I mean the drops don’t have to be anything crazy like legendary gear or gypsum lol

but think about what people will do.

a lot of people already dont want to try new things.

dont reward them even if its peanuts.

K true true, then how about GA drops for example, drop legendary spears??

And GH drops legendary VG??

And so on and so on lol

Forgot to mention “bind on pickup only” haha

could be an option.

honestly this could just be tied to your own level while excess level from weapons already at 20 could add to that.

keep it simple and just let it drop an gypsum orb on relevelup or whatever.

Aptitude with an increase in expertise, for that weapon. makes more sense than the orbs for weapon expertise.

Now that is actually a cool idea

And make it a crazy xp number you have to acheive but not too crazy

Would be another way to level expertise but what do you do when your capped at 625? Back to no rewards?

its why i suggested gypsum orbs so its your choice of what you want to do with it.

and its evergreen. even if you get everything to 625 you always need umbrals for new gear sets.

Sry i missed that part about the gypsum orb drop in your above post, kind of scatter brained right now lol

But yes agreed

Not really. A person could grind the expertise on a meaningless and easy mob. Knowing how most of the people who play this game “are” they would very likely abuse anything they could to get expertise cap.

The expertise system is meant to flush out the gameplay and keep the users engaged in all the game modes as they progress. Making it an EXP grind doesn’t sound very engaging or much variety it just sounds lazy and not well thought out. This game offers numerous avenues for acquiring expertise with over 11 orbs a day, that’s pushing the expertise of your gear set and an alternate weapon. If you are not taking advantage of this then the onus is on you not the developers.

If you would like to use your GA to get a free VG well that’s how drops/chests/caches work. What exactly are you suggesting?

Free resources? Why not go farm them if you want them? Why should you get free stuff simply because you want it?

Its just a friendly idea, not begging or pleading for anything free as i work my butt off in this game just like alot of people do

I just saw using the same weapons after lvl 20 as a dead end and a little reward after a big xp amount was accomplished using “said” weapon could be cool

And that post about getting legendary weapon drops was just a joke ma guy

its at the point that the orbs drop like candy and i dont even remembe where half of them came from

but that doesnt mean having this just be a bonus like how you run around farming then randomly you see a gypsum pop up wouldnt be a bad idea.

its just a bonus for things you already do.

and in that way it can be grindy to prevent people from just farming restless forever.

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No please don’t I am okay if they increase weapon XP cap to 60 and we can add points to the same weapon abilities to make it more powerful.

that would end build variations without adding another 2 or 3 trees (not that i dont mind that but i dont think they will without exploding the game)

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