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Seriously i was ok with the broken economy, the lack of endgame content, the grinding for watermarks and professions, i dealt with broken quests, glitching, bugs for the hatchet, wars quitting due to freezes etc. I had little issues with some broken enemies, lack of customisation, females looking like men, the lack of story, i was fine with all of that.

But now im done. You constantly nerf some weapons that apparently are OP but buff others that are even better. The greataxe is from start to now the best weapon and it gets better and better.

In the war just now, with honing stone, buff food, intelligence 330, 100 constitution i dealt 1.1k damage per shot on light armor guys, meanwhile me wearing max medium (22.9) and a gearscore of 570 on everything was a fckn 2 shot for greataxes that just dealt 5-6 k PER HIT!!! damage. AND they have huge AOE. AND they can sprint towars you. AND they can make you stuck with gravity well. AND they can pull you towards them. AND THEY WEAR FULL HEAVY ARMOR AND ARE TAKING LITTLE DAMAGE!!! They are the ebst dps and tanks in one person. Good job
Oh also they dont even go for 300 strength, nah, just 200 str and 200 constitution to become immortal. And they still hit 5 times as hard as others. WITH CLEAVE.

AND ice gauntlet cant CC them anymore so no escape!

Im so done with this game. ive had it. And no its not cause ice gauntlet gets nerfed again and again, its that weapons that werent even that strong to begin with (A Tier) keep getting nerfed, meanwhile S tier weapons get buffed. the hell? Bow is dishing out 10k crits with headshots, and the healing staff cant counterheal anything anymore. Im out. The only time ive seen worse balancing was in wow when the Deathknight was released and owened everyone at everything

I playe since open Beta many hours a day. my guild now asks people to please go either greataxe or bow cause nothing else cuts it anymore. Heck we even go in without healers now cause healers cant coutnerheal the damage from bowa nd greataxe, no chance so we figured we perform better without any healers in war. yay (we hold 3 territories btw)

and we did garden of creation with just greataxe players not even a healer or tank…just to explain how broken it is


It is obvious that New World was never really a PvP game – the developers did not have a team that knew how to design it then or handle it now. Any sort of working mass combat or owpvp was just an unrealistic fantasy.

Weapon balance and combat broken and unbalanced from the very beginning. And it looks like they are just flailing about trying to do something about all the complaints on the forums.

At least there’s a PvE game left. All they need to do now is completely separate player influence from Settlements, and separate weapon balance between PvP and PvE. Like every sane MMO has done over the last 20+ years when they have too much choice and combinations for weapons and weapon abilities.

And, seriously, just shelve PvP and focus on catching cheaters, and fixing bugs. Let PvP settle into whatever is meta because that’s what they always do. Just don’t let it ruin the rest of the game in any way.

Ice shower will stop any melee and healer dead in the track. If they roll out, simply swap to the other side of the wall. IT will force them to use more rolls to get back which you repeat it.

More actually, mean while its really weak early to mid game (long with gun). It needs talent revisions because the talents are all like "if over 10 yards, +20% damage, if havent attacked in 10 seconds + 20% damage).

This is why i suggested my revision to the talent tree’s outright.

not anymore thanks to patch. Also try using that tactic in war. good luck

not much of it. Most dungeons can be done more effectively without a tank. and now even healers become kinda redundant. Story is…well theres a lot to improve and endgame content wise…we dont have raids, we have very few pve activities to do and quests are amongst the most boring ive seen.

which would be ok if they evaluated which complaints are reasonable and which arent. most player splay great axe by now, so they will ofc have the biggest voice.
In all honesty my complaint abput the ice gauntlet nerf is laughable compared to musket and spear, the most useless weapons of them all.

That said balancing is never about 1on1. no game does that. Its balanced for pve and war / BG. most games healers are unbeatable in 1on1. unless you unclude good stuns and spellsteal / counterspell.

that said if you balance for war, musket and spear need SERIOUS buffs. one i can imagine is to make the musket an anti artillerie weapon dealing extra damage vs artillerie and / or people inside it, that would warrant taking them along at least. And with the weak heals at the moment, artillerie is too powerfull anyway

Like - 1 canon shot 3k damage. a healer can bearely keep up healing against 1 canon, fails against 2 canons. and thats not taking other players into acount

I must of missed that change, what was it?

btw im not disagreing, i think hammer and axe should get a nerf.

its coming with the next update, not life yet. they nerfed ice gauntlet cc so it can only root once / 5 seconds. would be nice if the debuff stayed longer then. Anyway they also increased ice shower cd by 10 seconds. duration stays same

5 - 6k per hit ? please make a video and link for us cause i have a greataxe 598gs (325 str) with 2 perks of critical plus 8.9% light and heavy hits also medium armor and with food + whetstone my max dmg with crit was 3.8k. PLEASE make a video ask the guy his build cause i’m interested

not intending on playing i can just tell you what i saw happen in war. my bet is on gear that is increasing crit damage over everything else + buff food + honing stone

now that you say it its actually worse cause all my armor has a rank 5 onyx in it so physical damage i take should be severly reduced on top…

honestly i understand ti was a major counter to the op melee, but it was broken itself. Really, really broken. Ice shower needed a nerf. I personally wanted it to be circular, and for storm to do no root by default and maybe a 10% slow when upgraded in place of adding much more damage to it.

i agree btw. I undrstand why they nerfed the CC. the issue now is that melees (well grataxe, hammer and hatchet) all have ways to deal with a person running from them and make sure, once they are in melee range, the other cant get away.

Meanwhile ice gauntlet now has 0 skills to get away and the only defense they had is now kinda gone.

Meanwhile the melees can take MUCH more damage. AND DEAL more damage…ice gauntlet is now minced meat in duells. Only use is as AOE Blaster in War well hidden behind bushes…seriously even in invasion ice gauntlet is crap cause 40% damage reduction on frost from corrupted

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bro, you want a unbalanced weapon. you are fine doing 2k 3k range dmg but you complain of greataxe doing the same but malee … thats make no sens. you want to kill all but no die. tell me beside greataxe what else kill fire/ice ?

ice gauntlet does 1.1k ranged damage atm…and that bows are extremely op is something i said. The complaint i brought up is that greataxe currently does about 4-5 times more damage AND has CLEAVE…AND 3 skills to catch ranges. and now ice gauntlet doesnt even have one good skill to defend against it and once the melees ARE in range ice gauntlet is minced meat

So what im saying is…great axe has more mobility, hammer has more cc. both can take much more damage…and DO more damage on top. Balance…

Would need to test but estimated a greataxe needs 3 hits to kill me. I need about 15-20 hits to kill them. Greataxe can root me for 5 seconds (gravity well that also does damage) i can root them for 1 second, with no damage. i cant get away…but greataxe has 1 skill to charge (for massive damage) AND 1 skill to pull me in.

What else kills fire / ice…bow, hammer, rapier. very skill dependant sword/shield.

as said theres weapons that are off worse than that (musket, spear) but still…come on.

that said my complaint isnt about ice gauntlet nerfs…please read what i said about healers, tanks and general paths taken…instead of buffing greataxe and hammer…how about buffing musket and spear just once

well actually, ice spike and flame strike still can chunk life from people. they are both doing 5-8k easily.

The fact you have that opinion shows how out of touch with reality you are, and this is coming from a designer that worked on wow balance for a decade (ish).

Wow was not in any better shape when it first launched, maybe you guys should just relax and talk about what you feel should happen with the weapons, not how the game is dying or the dev team “does not know what they are doing”.

Pleas Make fire Ball effect have a better hit box for Fire Staff.
Ice Gauntlet needs its less popular abilities to be touched up as they are pretty lame though the animation effects are amazing. Unfortunately they are not very useful so every one is running the same build.

Totally agree with the sentiment here. Mages arent that strong in the game to begin with and they keep getting nerfed.

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sure, flame strike is broken casue it hits 5-6 times instead of twice as the descritpion says and heals up. thts a cd ability though. ice spike also - cd ability and hard to aim. meanwhile greataxe just needs to hit you with basic attacks

Atm greataxe has superior mobility, better cc, more damage output and can take more damge by a long shot.

nor later. 3.0 and 3.1 had absolutely broken death knights overall, warlords had absolutely broken frost death knights for battlegrounds, battle for azeroth had absolutely broken fire mages to the point of having entire raids consisting of thm - no tank, no healer, as thy could outdps any boss mechanic.

the differences i want to stress are though

  • New world allows you to change your “class” any time. Wow has you locked in. So in new world its less of an issue
  • wow tries to balance towards raids and arena matches, they dont give a damn about duell and battleground balancing.
  • wow has 3 skill trees per class and originally each skill tree serverd a different playstile. As example the mage. Arcane used to be the specc for battlegrounds, fire the specc for PvE and frost the specc for duell and arena (and open world pvp)

used to be that i, with ice gauntlet, medium armor and 250 int was always in the top 5, invasion or war (and i didnt miss a single war on my server since launch, i got a reputation of being one of the best pvpers on there) usually place 1 or 2 with 1-2 deaths

then came the nerf number 1, nothing else changed i dropped to place 5-8 meanwhile greataxe players DOMINATED 1-3 as in no one else even came close
then next nerf happened, and i was suddenly place 15-20 with 1-2 deaths

and now im suddenly 30-40…despite now putting more into int using buff food and honing stone. with 10 deaths at least cause i im dead almost in an instant now, used to be that i can take about 10-15 hits before i die now its 3-4 despite my armor being BETTER than before and constitution etc. staying the same

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