Weapon Balance, Perfect or Screwed?

Hi guys, just wondering what are your thoughts on weapon balance currently. I am mainly a DPS and Tank for expeditions, For DPS it is mainly ammo based weapons and melee weapons.

I use Mage weapons in Open world PVE mostly combined with a melee weapon.

So what are others feeling about Weapon Balance now?

It is bad, As balancing needs to consider both PVE and PVP this makes the game literally impossible to balance because what is good on one side is bad on the other. They are trying to do what they can but what they can is not going to fix the problems that many weapons are facing.


Firestaff and Void Gauntlet are not so popular these days? I see some people use but not a lot.

Void it is mosty used has a Healer Backup, FireStaff is going bad in PVE content and getting lockout from Mutations Expeditions, and it is outshined by others weapons in PVP.

So what is the Statisics from the Developers? Any reply and comment about the current state of Firestaff balance from the officials?

Not perfect, but not screwed.

No one that im aware of. lots of complaining(justified) in the forum, but i did not see nothing more.

If we could get a DPS meter we could establish some of this ourselves, within the player community.

DPS meters can be abused no doubt but they are also a very useful tool.


Weapon Balance and Perk balance is ass and will remain ass until they start limiting player choice. There will NEVER be balance in the current system. Way to many combinations that players can come up with and abuse. You try to nerf one while simultaneously buffing another on accident. This is why the whole “anyone can wear anything, use anything” system is great on paper, shit in reality. Not to mention PvP and PvE are in the same pool which makes it even more difficult. Game needs a massive overhaul with gear / weapons / perks


It’s kind of rubbish. Doesn’t help that AGS balance team swings like a pendulum on balance changes by gutting somethings and massive overturning the next.

I simply think they lack the data to make the decisions and use whining forum posts to do it.


What is the vision of the developers for future weapon balance perfection? Would be great to hear some talk about this topic from the official source.

The only “official” response came from Scott Lane in a recent Dev Blog, they are aware some weapons perform very well in certain situations and completely useless in others. The addressed topic was the musket being useless in expeditions and he said he is completely fine with the musket not being useable in expeditions since it excels in PvP. So basically you just hope that the weapon you enjoy ends up good for the content you want to do

Do you think Scott has any idea how ridiculous of a response that is?

Because it is ridiculous.

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Couldnt agree more :smiley: but sadly that is the garbage we are left with

Musket users could use a perk, no reload needed…?

That’s called a laser cannon


Heard BF2042 just implemented that and it seems to be VERY balanced rofl