Weapon Balance/Change suggestions

-Remove the root from gravity well, keep the pull strength the same so it still does what its supposed to do. Roots cause desync which causes its own problems.
-Remove the Root from ice shower and buff the slow, this way it keeps the viability of being a great slow while not causing desync.
-Make it so that cleanse pots remove the unending thaw perk so that you are able to dodge (doesn’t make sense that you cant cleanse slows or that perk)
-Make it so that charge can go through people (only dash that doesn’t go through people and would help fix the frustration of it getting blocked by a lot of things). maybe make it so that only the person you end your charge on takes dmg
-nerf the lunge on light attacks from Void blade
-Make it so that entomb doesn’t remove gravwells that are placed on the entomb when its destroyed
-Give us the option to only have our groups nameplates show in game.
-Give cleanse pots grit when they are being used. (Doesnt make sense that you can get cc’d while using a potion that is supposed to cleanse CC)
-allow fire staff heavy attacks to go through targets.
-increase the riposte window but remove the invulnerability that is given when activated.

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