Weapon bugs/quirks

I’m trying to get a bit of a handle on the existing combat bugs and quirks pertaining to particular weapons. I’ve only played with musket/rapier so I don’t know what things are like for other weapons, but the musket has at least two major bugs that you should be aware of when fighting musket players, and the rapier has one.


Turns off - the musket regularly turns off. Can’t be used anymore until it decides to turn back on or you get it working again by dodging with the tactical reload perk. If you see a musket player just stop shooting you and then roll himself to exhaustion, he’s probably desperately trying to turn his gun back on, you can capitalise on the opportunity to heal up. Happens very frequently.

Short dodge roll - the dodge roll when using a musket is much shorter than for other weapons, reduces mobility significantly, but is somewhat offset by mobility perks.


Riposte is easily avoided - you can freely attack a riposting player as long as you move away immediately after it. The riposte itself is an attack triggered shortly after by being attacked which applies to targets in a small area around the riposting player. Stepping or dodging backwards immediately after triggering the riposte is sufficient to avoid it. It’s a good opportunity to get some damage off if you trigger the riposte, dodge, then attack.

I’d like to hear about anything unintuitive (or obvious bugs) for how other weapons behave. What can you do to exploit these in PvP?

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