Weapon Perk Buckets When Crafting

On my server, this combination is so rare that it’s not even on the trading post with a wacky attribute setup. It just doesn’t ever get generated for whatever reason by the RNG. To craft this would be ridiculously expensive. This combination is the only life staff combo not represented in game currently for Blessed + Ref Move + Weapon Ability.

If you force Refreshing Move and Sacred Ground…


If you force RM and Blessed…


Sacred and Blessed instead…


Who honestly want’s keen or vicious on a life staff? The lowest these get is 20% chance on any of these combos. That means a worthless healign stat is 2x as likely to be the leggo third perk on a golden scarab craft than a useful one.

Let’s look further…

It’s 16% chance to roll a legenary supposedly with a golden scarab.

It’s 18k on my server for the crafting mod for refreshing move.

The odds single roll odds of rolling this combo is… 1.5%.

That’s forcing TWO PERKS… that’s 1 in 66 crafts…

18k for RM and 4k for GS. 22k per craft. 1,452,000 gold in materials…ignoring the other mods and materials. It’s probably closer to 2.2 or 2.5 million.

Worse of all…if anyone tried to do this the junk crafts are salvage. No one is going to buy and use a life staff with any two of these perks alone when you have so many named life staffs with RM + Blessed + a weapon perk.

With the changes to make perks on weaposn more potent…the perk pools for weapons should be revised.


Please make it so that weapons ALWAYS have 1 weapon ability perk OR increase the chance one of these will roll to roughly 10% each creating a aggregate 50/50 chance of getting a weapon perk on a weapon.

The last time I saw one of these in trade the posted asking price was more than 3 times the gold cap. That to me is absurd. The price was not absurd - given the facts I’ve outlined here it is rational. The fact that it’s that rare that it’s worth that much is what is absurd.