Weapon perks exclusive?

Why can’t I select certain perks together on weapons? It gives me a pop up saying that those are exclusive perks and they cannot be selected at the same time?

For example, Keenly Jagged (bleeding on crit) and Plagued Strikes (disease on heavy attack)

There are a lot more examples, to just name a few:

  • Enchanted + any thwarting/trenchant strikes perks cannot be selected together
  • More than 1 thwarting/trenchant perks cannot be selected at the same time
  • both plagued perks cannot be selected at the same time.

Why are these perks labeled as exclusive? Why are you throttling the perks we can have on weapons? More importantly, why isn’t this mentioned in the update notes???

One huge assumption I am making is that since you cannot select in the Trade Post together that it can’t roll together - that might not be the case because it might be like sticky vines, spectral dust, etc that can happen but the Trade Post is bugged. In that case, if they can be together let us label this as a bug and fix. It is just annoying to not know if they can or cannot roll together because the Trade Post says you cannot select.

Your guess is Correct, some perks cannot roll together by dropping/crafting.

The TP telling you that is actual a good Thing

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That is good to know. I am ok with the TP telling me that, the issue I have is why can’t they then? Why is AGS throttling those perks? Why didn’t the Dec update ever mention anything about that?

I get why you can’t have armor perks and weapon perks on a weapon, but why not allow two weapon perks on the same weapon? This is a new thing they added with plagued and trenchant perks, without telling us about it in the patch notes.

If I am crafting weapons, I should be able to roll any perks on a weapon that are weapon perks. Otherwise, they should have regular perks and ultimate perks where you can only have one or something, or make it VERY clear what is possible.

My best guess would be to avoid obvious BiS perk combos like

Vicious + Rogue + trenchant crits on a Hammer for PvE

Again, not the question I am asking… I am asking WHY they are doing that and even better WHY it wasnt in the patch notes?

I want BiS perk combos, I mean lets be honest, thats what we do, we calculate what BiS would be and go for it. Just saying dont go for it is not a solution or an answer to my questions. Frankly, it doesn’t even really add to the discussion either.

You cannot roll ability based perks more than once on a piece of armor.

yeah, that is correct, you cannot stack SAME perks on armor, obviously.

That is NOT what I am talking about ROFL!!

I am talking about rolling two DIFFERENT weapon perks and not being allowed to, did you even read? It isn’t about armor perks anyways, it is about weapon perks. Also not even talking about ability based perks :man_shrugging:

As far as i recon, the “cannot roll that Perk combo” has been there at least since Release.

If you’re interested in specific perks and their perk Tags you can have a Look at:

They give a deeper explaination about What is an exclusive Tag.

Amazon should give a list on which perks can and can’t roll together.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen weapons with Rouge + Enchanted, and the trading post says that they are exclusive.

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