Weapon placement fix please

I know this request is probably at the lowest point of the totem pole…however one very annoying thing that has been present forever is weapon placement and clipping through other weapons. Great Axe/Warhammer. I’m sure Greatsword will clip as well. Also sword and shield and hatchet. If this is a huge fix I understand, but it’s been present for a minute and I can’t be the only one that gets annoyed by it.


It was abit annoying for me at launch, now not so much, I often hold my great axe in hands, when have my warhammen on my back or hold hatchet, when SnS have not.

But yeah Maybe great axe can have same hold as spear has, when equip great axe and spear, they dont clipp eachother.

Hatchet/sword, maybe have hatchet on right side instead of left where sword is now.

Oh yes its so annoying pls fix this, also fix these shields they to Close on your Chars back and glitches all These things through Capes and Armor Stuff

Yeah it annoys me when weapons hang the same way on your back rather than cross. There should be a simple check of what the other weapon equipped is, which direction it hangs, and flip the 2nd one if needed.

It looks super dumb in some cases as is.

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