Weapon rack 'house decorations'

the weapon racks in house decorations should be able too hold your own personal weapons or be able too select some too display would be a really cool idea


sweet jesus yes.

also some wall mounted ones would be nice too.


omg yes that would be awesome

That’s a cool idea dtpforever07!
Especially if you’re someone who likes collecting awesome models, even if you’re not going to use the weapon.

I’ll send your suggestion about the weapon racks to the development team.


While we are at might as well have mannequins too to put on old gear

That would be a cool idea also. Some type of trophy case for armorer

That would awesome thanks

and disable combat mode timer inside expedition

I sent it over to the development team for you dtpforever07. I hope you have a wonderful day in and out of Aeternum!

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