Weapon Smith Gear, The Pants

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I don’t normally post or complain much, but I really just wanted to express this sentiment so maybe in the future when fixing bug or mistakes something like this can be taken into consideration. I only chose to level the crafting skill of weapon smith we as a company are one of the best on our server and have chosen to help people level the crafts as a company so we as a company have all 200 crafting, I was chosen for weapon smith as mine was the highest. I have been 200 weapon smithing for weeks now and have been hording mats since we couldn’t craft 600 weapons since the Shirt and Pants for the set came from bugged bosses. When I saw in the post that this was being fixed I as i’m sure other people who leveled weapon smith (which was a pain in the ass) felt that way too. Now to my understanding only Arcana had an issue preventing 600 GS crafting and that has been fixed, then got to immediately once the patch happened got to start crafting the 600 GS items. For us weapon smiths we still had to go farm the bosses to get the shirt and legs, which was fine in my mind at first, I got the shirt relatively fast, but holy shit I have non-stopped farmed the boss that drops the legs since the patch has dropped and have not had it drop for me or anyone in my group of 9 people in over 45hrs of farming the boss. This just feels so punishing, for weeks all but 2 type of crafters have had their pulls sets and been able to make 600 GS items, Arcana get fixed right away, then weapon smith are left to another arduous grind for what seem like a super low drop rate. If it wasn’t for the fact that ive seen 2 screen shots in the forums, and made a toon on another server with more population and say that some people have gotten the drop I wouldn’t believe the could drop. I don’t know much about drop rates and setting that up and such, but would it have been that crazy to make it a high drop chance so the people who have been waiting weeks for this fix don’t know have to spend hours and hours farming this boss praying for a drop or paying a crazy price to someone who gets it since the drop rate is so insanely low. Look in the forums the only people that have said they got it say they spent anywhere from 28-48hrs farming the boss to get 1 of the pants to drop 1! this isn’t some legendary end game piece that merits that type of farming all other crafters and gathers already have full sets and they are many found on the TP since its been acquirable since day one, but not for Weapon Smith could the devs please consider increasing the drop rate for a while to make up for the lack of them existing in the game? Then maybe reducing it to normal after a few weeks or two, I feel like ive spent so much time waiting for the fix to then have to grind a insane amount of hours on one boss that you cannot solo is a slap in the face to people who have waiting so long. Again just asking to consider these things in the future when people have been waiting for a bug fix on something like crafting or basic things that should have been in the game day one don’t make it feel punishing to get for those who have been patiently waiting, instead make it easy for those crafts left behind to catch back up (like getting a full set, when every other craft has had a full set available since start of game). Just the 2 cents of a frustrated player whos been killing the same boss for 3 days trying to get something that should have been available since day one with no results, and my group is the only one farming it on our server we havnt seen any other group come up or try too we are pvp flagged and have owned the spot for 3 days now.

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