Weapon swap activated effects trigger durability loss

I combed the known issues list and didn’t see this one. Apologies if it was documented already.

Character Name: Liavy
Issue that occurred: If you swap to a weapon that has an “on swap” effect, for instance the “Archer’s Speed” mastery in the Skirmisher tree for Bow, the weapon will lose durability due to the activation of this effect every single time. This can lead to rapid deterioration of specific weapons that have these effects over others that do not.
Time and Date: Always
World/Server: Krocylea
Location where issue occurred: Everywhere
Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Simply select a mastery? talent? on any weapon that activates when you swap to that weapon, and you can watch the weapon lose a point of durability every time the effect activates.

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This affects the great axe, hatchet, warhammer, and lifestaff as well. The bug has been around since launch. Can we get some dev attention for this?

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