Weapon Swap bug, Invincibility exploit, Stuttering and Lag, Randomly jumping backwards, Gravs, beacons, etc. going through ground, and more... Nice Event, but this update fundamentally broke the game

I really cannot remember all the bugs I have experienced this Medelyfaire patch. I will say, usually every patch there is 1 major bug and you can pinpoint that. It doesnt cover up many bugs, its just 1 big bug that almost every person will experience. This patch however, there are so many bugs that happen on a DAY TO DAY basis that its become a joke how bad this patch was just for the stability of the game. Instanced Wars? Nah doesnt work. New Expedition? Sure works, kinda, does have loot drop issues. Also had to remove debuffs from last boss due to an invincibility bug. Quest rewards for completing the new expedition? Nope, same as tempest, dropping at wrong GS. Think you can jump and have no issues? LOL nope you’ll sometimes just jump backwards even though youre not even pressing the S button to do that. Maybe we can attack normally with range weapons? Nah, you swap quickly it’ll just get stuck on a weapon and do the attack animation, not send out a projectile, then it actually will swap weapons and you have to attack again. Speaking of weapons, when an ability comes off of cooldown and you quickly use it again, it will use it however still show that it hasnt been used. (Also it sometimes wont actually use the ability even though the animation plays) Maybe I can just roam the world? Nope KEKW. Constant lag and stuttering with the servers and if youre even more unlucky your game could just crash. Specific perk issues, semi-uncommon login problems, OPR/3v3 queueing issues, music performance banner with stars gets stuck to screen… and plenty more I cannot remember… I want to love this game and enjoy it when I play it, but when theres just bugs on top of bugs on top of bugs that get introduced every patch and then have a patch like this where so many bugs happen whenever you login and play for a bit, it gets annoying and makes the game not fun to play. I would love to say take a couple months and fix these existing bugs, make the game smooth and set a baseline, however to achieve that I am 99.9% certain theres not a shot a couple months will be enough given past issues. Truly am hoping for the best but its looking rough…


We are used to it after so many patches. Every time it’s the same thing but gotta say this patch it’s the least buggy one. Dynasty for example it’s till bugged since release and stuff doesn’t spawn or appear and suddenly do after. Depths it’s the same since the begging. That for example it’s just a static dungeons and not even pvp related like de syncs and abilities that might struggle. I still cast 35% of my ice storms on my feet. Even when I don’t use my keybind to be fast but hit the second press with my mouse, the same thing happens. We have auto attacks queuing up before weapon swaps and so on. Sometimes we go backward :sweat_smile:

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Worst patch since february 100%. So many things are broken that its actually not even funny any more. Desync is out of hand again, and the one you forgot to mention… game is EATING my stamina almost every time when i dodge and receive damage… Worst thing about these 250+ bugs - AGS not even giving any statement or ETA to fix things… I just can’t take it any more, had hopes, had patience, 1 year passed and game is in the WORST state since release, i just have to uninstall the game after 2.5k hours and admit it was just a cool idea that was so poorly executed…

Have had none of these issues.

The game is playing the best it has ever played for me. Sorry you aren’t having that experience. That sucks.

I went into B&B Expedition and 80% of my Grav wells went through the ground. I had to aim them completely differently and hope they didn’t just disappear. After I got out of the expedition I couldn’t open up my inventory or any storages. As a side note how the fuck is no one complaining how the B&B final boss is just the siren queen with maybe a couple added mechanics? Just lazy shit.

Also NW “Best Performance” has never been that high. Sure, it’s playing “at it’s best” but that’s in relation to how the game started. As far as NW updates go this one as been average. It still seems that they don’t learn anything from the PTR and force the update out which introduces more bugs than fixes.

Hi there Grizi thank you for coming to the forums with your detailed feedback. I will make sure all of this is recorded and sent up the chain. Have a great weekend!

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